PING PONG Captions For Instagram

PING PONG Captions 

I beat Forrest Gump
Hustle and hit and never quit.
The road to victory is uphill.
Play like a Champion
We’ll make our points
Outwit beats outhit.
Refuse to lose
The Human Backboard
One team, one spirit
Keep Calm and Play Ping Pong.
Paddle Master
The spin cycle is on high
Slice, Slice Baby
Forest Gump’s Instructor.
Ping Pong:  Let’s Bounce.
It’s on like Ping Pong.
Championships are won at practice.
Game On
Victory requires payment in advance.
Ping Pong Ninja
Now serving Ping Pong
Ping Pong Diplomat
Paddle Faster:  I hear Banjos.
The easiest day was yesterday.
Practice winning every day.

PING PONG Captions Instagram

If you want a soft serve, go to Dairy Queen
Live Long – Play Pong
Return Everything
Ping Pong Gangsters
I taught Forrest.
You just got served.
Ping Pong Black Belt.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
One team One Dream.
Victory requires payment in advance.
Table Tennis Anyone?
The road to winning is uphill.
There’s no traffic on the extra mile.
There’s no “i” in Team.
Ping Me!
All out, all game, all season.
Play hard or go home.
Don’t ring me – ping me.
Table Tennis:  Not for the Timid.
I spank ping pong balls.
Spin to Win.
Smash Forrest Smash.
Losing is not an option.
In it to spin it and win it.
Serve it, smash it, win it, love it!
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