Pick up lines

Best pick up lines

God was just showing off when he created you.
I'm jealous of your dress. ''She : Why?" Because it's touching your body, and I'm not.
Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favorite.
Your eyes are really cute. I think the right one is a little cuter than the left one.
Your lips look so lonely...Would they like to meet mine?
Hey, tie your shoes! I don't want you falling for anyone else.
You're like my little toe, because I'm going to bang you on every piece of furniture in my home.
(Take a photo of her) I want to show my mom what my next girlfriend looks like
Your place or mine? Tell you what? I'll flip a coin. Head at my place, tail at yours.
I have to show you the prettiest girl I've ever seen. (show phone with frontcam)
Your shirt has to go, but you can stay.
Your eyes are blue, like the ocean. And baby, I'm lost at sea.
Your so hot I could roast my meat on you, baby.
You're like Pringles once I pop you, I can't stop you.
You're on my list of things to do tonight.
Your ass is so nice that it is a shame that you have to sit on it.
Write the following on a napkin and give it to a cute girl: "Smile if you want to have sex with me." Watch her smile!
Sorry, I can't hold on... I've already fallen for you.
I just love the way you multitask everything.
Your patience in dealing with others is what I admire the most in your personality.
You have an amazing sense of humor.
I like the way you handle people around you. And now I know why everyone admires you.
You are a wonderful, wonderful person. How can you be so caring, loving, and selfless; all at the same time?
I love the way you express yourself. You are so dynamic and vibrant.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and you are a perfect example of it.
Will I ever be as polite as you are?
You are nicer to my friends than what I am.
You are a very smart girl.
You are just so charming.
You are the kind of girl I would want my parents to meet.
Will you please get out of my mind so I can work?
I can talk to you all night long.
I love who I am when I am with you.
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I can never get enough of you.
Oh my! What am I ever gonna do without you?
I've been in love quite a few times. But never like this before.
I love knowing that I can just be myself around you and be sure that you'd still love me.
I want to wake up beside you every morning for the rest of my life.
Your cooking reminds me so much of my home.
Those are the most amazing lines someone has ever written for me.
Oh dear! Your voice makes me fall in love with you over and over again.
You make me proud.
I wish I had met you sooner.
You are so much fun to be with.
Thank you so so much, for being just the way you are.
You are one of a kind.
You have been with me through all ups and downs of my life. Thanks is a small word to express my gratitude for having you in my life.
Hey, I read the book you insisted me to read a few weeks ago. It was awesome, I must say you have an amazing choice.
You make me feel special.
Just talking to you takes all my blues away.
I feel so comfortable around you.
When I'm with you, it really doesn't matter where I'm going. With you, it's always a good time.
Time becomes non-existent when I'm with you.
To me you are the most beautiful in a pair of old shorts and a loose T-shirt
You are the reason for the smile on my face and the butterflies in my stomach.
You look like trash, may I take you out?
You make me wish I weren't gay!
You know what material this is? [Grab your shirt] Boyfriend material.
You, me, handcuffs, and whipped cream: interested?
You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall... is in love with me.
You are so selfish! You're going to have that body the rest of your life and I just want it for one night.
You must be a hell of a thief because you stole my heart from across the room.
You might be asked to leave soon. You are making the other women look bad.
You’re making the other women in here look really bad!
You remind me of my cousin. (How?) I want to fuck you so bad, but I know that I can't.
Come on, don't make me beg!
I'd rather be beheaded than be denied a date with you.
What a fine set of chalices you have.
It seems as if my dragon has finally found a nice cave to rest in.
You look like a maiden in distress, why don't I save you?
Your chastity belt would look great on the floor of my sleeping chamber.
I have more than enough for my needs
Fair Maiden, your cups runneth over.
It's not the size of the stuff that matters, but the magic within.
I am beset by this dragon in my loins, and only you can quench its fire!
I may not be a priest, but I can take you to the heavens, milady.
Come up to my chamber and I'll show you the largest treasure in the land.
Where you invest your love, you invest your life.
Can I be your first mistake of the New Year?
Don't leave too early... the last thing I want to say to you before we part is 'good morning'.
Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I'm looking at mine right now.
My New Year's resolution is you.
Wow. You're gorgeous. My new year's resolution is going to be to make you my girlfriend.
Next year without you would be like a broken pencil…pointless.
The only thing sweeter than chocolate is you, baby!
There's only one cavity that I want to stuff, if you know what I mean.
I can give you something to really be thankful about!
I don't normally put all my eggs in one basket, but I wanna be your number one bunny, honey.
I'm on a hunt - for your number.
You're not just somebunny... you're my bunny.
It's easter - Jesus came back from the dead today. I think we can make this work!
That's a nice Witch costume, but you won't be needing the broom anymore, because you've already swept me off my feet.
I don't want just your compliment, what I really want is your number.
If you think I'm hot now, wait until you see what I turn into at midnight.
Please come home with me. You never know what I'll turn into, at midnight!
How about sitting on my lap and seeing what pops up?
I don't have four leaves, but if you pluck me, I'll give you luck!
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I tell Cupid to shoot you with that arrow one more time?
Going on a date with me is WAY better than eating a bag of those weird, chalky heart candies with sayings on them.
Can I have a kiss on the cheek? I want to be able to say a gorgeous girl kissed me on Valentine's Day.
I'll be your "alentine" for now, you'll need to give me the "V" after dinner.
I know you must be a Goddess, because I can swear you've been living in my heart.
We are the reincarnated souls of two past lovers. It's our destiny to be together, you just don't remember our past life together.
Are you a bomb? Because you are an explosion of beauty.
Can I reach you? Because you are my goal.
Are you a bird? Because you’ve been flying around in my head.
Are you glue? Because you’re stuck in my mind.
If I was superman I would take you flying, but since I'm not I'll walk you home.
Hey baby, if I was a car, I'd need some coolant, because you've got my engine overheating.
They say some men drive really expensive cars to compensate for a small penis... Did I mention that I drive a 1978 Ford Pinto?
I'm lost, can you tell me which road leads to your heart?
Do you believe in love at first sight, or I should drive around the block one more time?
Let me show you there is a God.
I know you're an atheist, but I can make you scream God.
Are you a deity? Because you look unreal.
I'd select you over anyone else.
I know I'm an atheist but, GOD DAMN you're gorgeous!
To watch you pray is a sin of its own.
I've had to fast every day since the first time I saw you.
That hijab really compliments your eyes.
After seeing you, the first thing I said was Mash'Allah. The next was Inshallah!
Are your feet tired? Because you've been performing in my mind all day long?
Do you wanna date? I bought a box full when I went to Madinah.
God created everyone in pairs, so what are you doing, single?
Why is this night different than all other nights? I'll show you why...
My apples are just dying for your honey!
Are you the goddess, beacuse I've been waiting for you.
That's a nice-looking costume you're wearing, but it would look even better lying next to my bed tomorrow morning.
They say "Love the Lord with all your heart." After meeting you, I don't think I can keep that commandment.
The gates of regrets are always open...just like my heart for you.
This saltwater reminds me of the tears that came to my eyes when I first saw you
I hope you're not married, because I'd hate to be breaking the Tenth Commandment right here in shul.
Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives... Because he never met you.
You know why Solomon had so many wives? It's because he never found you.
I know its absurd, but every time I walk towards you, it feels like I'm being lead to heaven.
You are so unblemished that I would sacrifice you.
How many times do I have to walk around you to make you fall for me?
I'm a proverbs 32 kind of guy and you're a proverbs 31 kinda woman...
you can help me interpreting the dreams I've been having about you!?
Want to practice speaking in tongues with me?
What's your name and number so I can add you to my "prayer" list?
I'm usually not very prophetic, but I can see us together.
Look, you're nearly 22. Most Christians are 3 years into marriage by now... just settle for me.
You have the propensity for taking my breath away.
It's inscrutable that God was able to let you out of heaven baby.
I gotta say that the amorphous dress does nothing to show off your fabulous figure.
That gossamer shirt you're wearing makes it really easy to see what color bra you're wearing.
Watching you walk into the room has put me in a state of ferment.
Everytime I hear yoour voice it reverberates within my soul.
Girl don't repudiate me, I'm a nice guy.
I'm going to blazon my love for you all over town.
Being that much beautiful just isn't equitable!
Baby, you're not an option... you're totally a future!
If loving you is a crime, then I'm looking at a life sentence.
I think I'd be liable for negligence if I neglected to come over and talk to you.
I love you beyond a reasonable doubt.
Your body is 'ultra vires', it's beyond my power to control myself around you.
You're my phone charger? Because without you, I'd die
Why don’t you listen to your heart and go out with me?
I wish I was your coronary artery, so that I could be wrapped around your heart.
When you walked in the door your beauty hit me so hard that I have a priapism from all the trauma.
How about we ditch this joint and go study some anatomy?
I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.
I usually don't follow someone on the first night, but for you I'll make an exception.
Every breath you take... every post you make... I'll be following you.
Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your tweets!
What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl on the group?
I may not be a genie, but I can make your tweets come true!
I'd like to get your opinion on my poll.
Let's role play - I'll be Osama… you be a cave… and I'll hide up inside you.
I think you should remove all barriers to imports? It will ease my inflation and the benefits will trickle down.
If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go, I can take you places you ain't never been before.
In my head, we're already together.
It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven, 'cause when I stare in your eyes it couldn't be better.
Don't be so cold, we could be fire.
You're beautiful, you know it, I think it's time you show it.
If I could just die in your arms, I wouldn't mind.
For you, I would walk a thousand miles.
For you I'd be running a thousand miles, just to get to where you are.
I can fly anywhere in the universe, but only you can take me to heavan.
Wanna go see the wonders of the world?
They say I’m faster than a speeding a bullet. Want to find out?
I would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear?
I think something is wrong with my aim. I can’t take my eyes off you.
I was following the indicator of where to score and it brought me to you.
Why don't you come over to my house so we can watch a little Sailor Moon to get in the mood?
Is it hot in this photo studio, or is it just you?
That's a nice pair of yoga pants... can I talk you out of them?
Wow, you're flexible... I'd love to see what you can do outside of class!
You've got great posture. I'd love to see you flow sometime.
I can think of an activity that'll make you sweat even more than a 90 minute hot yoga class...
I know a fun activity that can burn 500 calories an hour...
How'd you like to be my special push-up partner?
The weights here just aren't heavy enough... would you mind sitting on my face while I do some crunches?
I heard that the missionary position helps men to work out the chest and triceps... do you wanna help me verify this?
Hi, I see that you're new to this gym, and I wanna be the first male to bother you.
Are you into fitness? How about fitting my thingy into your thingy?
You know... Soccer players can go for 90 minutes and know 11 different positions...
I bet my stick would feel great in your crease.
I promise I'm good for more than just a one-timer.
I'd love to serve a 5 minute penalty in your box.
You wanna be my equipment manager?
I'm good on the ice, but I'm GREAT in bed!
My skateblade's not the only thing made of steel.
I hope you're good at catching cause I'm starting to fall for you.
If you date me, you'll eventually see a diamond.
Wanna be my receiver tonight?
Are you an eligible receiver... of my phone number?
If you were a basketball, I'd never pass because I want to keep you all to myself.
I just finished a round of golf, wanna be my 19th hole today?
Your putt looks great in those jeans.
I'm still working on my approach, but I think I have a pretty good swing.
Lets be  honest... you were checking me out, weren't you?
I hope you don't have tetanus cause tonight you're gonna nail me.
I hope you're not a vegetarian, 'cause I want to feed you some meat!
I'm an interior decorator. I can fill your interior.
Wanna see my Hard Drive? I promise it's not small or floppy.
You turn my software into hardware.
You're hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power.
Does your v-card have a code? Because I will hack it.
Are you Full of Beryllium, Gold and Titanium? Because you are BE-AU-TI-FULL!
You must be the square root of -1, because you can't be real.
You must be the square root of two, because I feel irrational around you.
Whenever I'm near you, I undergo anaerobic respiration, because you take my breath away.
You're the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life.
I don't mind sleeping alone, but napping in my office without you is unbearable.
Forget growing old together, let's pickle our youth in gin together.
If you really love me, you'll make me your mistress.
I'm not trying to hit on you. I'm selling you a product, and that product is me.
I'm guaranteed best on the market, #1 in satisfaction, and will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.
Hey baby, let's take a 17-month hiatus together and then pretend it never happened.
Come back to my place and you can call me The Master.
Why don't you come back to my place so we can have some wibbly wobbly timey wimey?
Are you an angel? Because I haven't blinked since I first saw your face.
You make my centurion stand at attention.
Hi. The voices in my head just told me to come talk to you.
My sister can see the future. Let me give you a clue, it’s Me + You.
Am I dead? Because I think I just met an angel.
I have a private island. Wanna see it?
Hi, I’m Edward. I can be the super hero or the bad guy.
I’m an addict. Will you be my heroin?
Will you be the mother of my puppies?
You look imprintable…I mean..impeccable in that outfit.
Hey baby, need a mechanic for that finely tuned body?
You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?
I would eat poison berries for you.
I would love to see you again - can I get your smoke signal?
Hey sweetie, are you even old enough to be in this place? You don't look a day over 16.
Are you a Gamemaker? 'Cause I feel like you're in control of my fate.
I'm sorry, I had to come over and get a better look at you. I want  to tell you that you have absolutely beautiful eyes.
I'm sorry, I had to come over and get a better look at you - you really resemble a girl I once bludgeoned to death with a twig.
Your beauty has pierced my heart like a Morgul Blade.
The fires of Mount Doom aren't nearly as hot as you are.
I would conquer the seven kingdoms for you!
I've fallen harder for you than anyone.
If you come up north for me, I'll go down south for you.
I may be king in the north, but I want to be the king of your heart.
You must be an angel, because I'm extremely attracted to you.
Did you sit on a chocolate cake? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass!
Baby, your body is a wonderland!
Your face must turn a few heads!
You must be a Angel because I was stunned when I first saw you.
I can't help it -- my eyes are trapped in the gravitational field of your breasts!
Your mouth says, 'Shields up!', but your eyes say, 'A hull breach is imminent.'
Honey, you've been looking for love in Alderaan places!
Do you wanna play? 'Cuz my balls are at the ready!
Do you wanna LICKILICKY my icky sticky.
My fortune teller just used Future Sight, and it looks like we've got a future together.
Hey gorgeous, will you be my Tinderella?
I've had a crush on you for 2 hours.
Do you have a job? I need a woman who can support me while I play video games all day.
We're a match! The next step is to pick a meeting date, right?
Is your personality as angelic as your beauty?
I can take you to infinity and beyond.
One night with me, and I'll show you a whole new world.
There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Apparently, none of them have ever been in your arms.
I'll make you want to spend more time in bed with me than Sleepiny, beauty.
Let's make some sweet music together, honey.
I can make you hit all the high notes!
I just lost my job and may be Baroque, but that doesn't mean I can't show you a good time.
I bet we'd get into some serious Treble together.
That dress would look even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.8 m/s2
What do you say we use my lever to shift your center of mass?
Does your skin feel burnt? Because I think you must have just fallen down from heaven, and re-entry would have caused some problems for you.
My last partner wasn't very stable. She spontaneously decayed last week and left me for a neutrino.
How do you feel about group experiments?
Like the ideal vacuum, you're the only thing in my universe.
According to the second law of thermodynamics, you're supposed to share your hotness with me.
You and Me = Grand Unification
In my bed, it's perpetual motion all night long, baby.
I'm attracted to you like the Earth is attracted to the Sun - with a large force inversely proportional to the distance squared.
I'd like to plug my solution into your equation.
My love for you is like pi... never ending.
I don’t like my current girlfriend. Mind if I do a you-substitution?
Baby, you're like a student and I'm like a math book... you solve all my problems!
Hey, wanna put your alpha helix in my beta barrel?
I've been whomping my willow thinking about you.
You still use Internet Explorer? You must like that nice and slow.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a chatroom like this?
If you have an empty slot, I have the card to fill it.
I'd like to play on your laptop.
Where's the 'like' button for that smile?
You auto-complete me.
Girl, you are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U before GLY
Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.
I'm sorry, I don't think we've met. I wouldn't forget a pretty face like that.
Does your left eye hurt? Because you've been looking right all day.
Sorry, but you owe me a drink. [Why?] Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.
Can I have directions? [To where?] To your heart.
I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by YOU.
I'm not staring at your boobs. I'm staring at your heart.
You're the only girl I love now... but in ten years, I'll love another girl. She'll call you 'Mommy.'
I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.
Have you been to the doctor lately? Cause I think you're lacking some Vitamin Me.
Forget about Perfectman, Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. I'll be your man.
Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.
You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
You shouldn't wear makeup. It's messing with perfection!
I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?
Your daddy must be a drug dealer, cuz you’re dope!
Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces
Your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon.
Most people like to watch the Olympics, because they only happen once every 4 years, but I'd rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime.
There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number in it.
Do you have a twin sister? Then you must be the most beautiful girl in the world!
Are you a campfire? Cause you are hot and I want s'more.
Hey baby you’re so fine you make me stutter, wha-wha-what’s your name?
There's only one thing I want to change about you, and that's your last name.
Rejection can lead to emotional stress for both parties involved and emotional stress can lead to physical complications such as headaches, ulcers, cancerous tumors, and even death! So for my health and yours, JUST SAY YES!
Rejection can lead to emotional stress, which in turn can cause severe medical problems. So before you turn me down, let’s a get a disability insurance policy in place.
No wonder the sky is grey today, all the blue is in your eyes.
I'm no organ donor but I'd be happy to give you my heart.
If I had a penny for every time I thought of you, I'd have exactly one cent, because you never leave my mind.
I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true.
You are like a candy bar: half sweet and half nuts.
When you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Is your last name Gillette? Because you are the best a man can get.
If stars would fall everytime I would think of you, the sky would soon be empty.
I've been looking all over for YOU, the woman of my dreams!
So there you are! I've been looking all over for you, the woman of my dreams
Inheriting ten million bucks doesn't mean much when you have a weak heart.
Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too.
(As she is leaving) Hey aren't you forgetting something? (What?) Me!
Somebody better call God, cuz heaven's missing an angel!
Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back.
If I were a transplant surgeon, I'd give you my heart.
Did it hurt? (Did what hurt?) When you fell out of heaven?
I'm sorry, were you talking to me? [No] Well then, please start.
They say that milk does the body good and you are definitely proof of that.
I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?
I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?
If your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life.
Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?
Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all night.
[Point at her butt] Pardon me, is this seat taken?
Are your parents bakers? Cause they sure made you a cutie pie!
My friend thinks you're kinda cute, but I don't... I think you're absolutely gorgeous!
Let's commit the perfect crime: I'll steal your heart, and you'll steal mine.
You spend so much time in my mind, I should charge you rent.
How come you're not on top of a Christmas tree? I thought that's where angels belonged.
Can you take me to the doctor? Because I just broke my leg falling for you.
Be unique and different, say yes.
Pinch me. [Why?] You're so fine I must be dreaming.
When God made you, he was showing off.
You remind me of a magnet, because you sure are attracting me over here!
Hello. Are you taking any applications for a boy/girlfriend?
Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?
Well, I AM telepathic, and I can tell that you love me. Right? [NO!] Darn, I always get "love" and "lust" mixed up.
Should I smile because we are friends, or cry because I know that is what we will ever be?
When I look into your eyes, it is like a gateway into the world of which I want to be a part.
Most guys need 3 meals a day to keep going... I just need eye contact from you.
Hey I just realized this, but you look alot like my next girlfriend.
Didn't I see you on the cover of Vogue?
You are so beautiful you should be on the cover of Vogue.
Vogue just called, they want to put you on the cover.
I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see this pretty girl smile. So, would you smile for me?
I just had to come talk with you. Sweetness is my weakness.
I think I can die happy now, cause I've just seen a piece of heaven.
Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?
If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
Is it hot in here or is it just you?
So, what do you do for a living besides always making all the men excited and warm all over?
You are the reason men fall in love.
You better call Life Alert, 'cause I've fallen for you and I can't get up.
If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking through my garden forever.
Damn girl, you have more curves than a race track.
You look like a cool glass of refreshing water, and I am the thirstiest man in the world.
Do you want to see a picture of a beautiful person? (hold up a mirror)
Someone should call the police, because someone just stole my heart!
Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.
I just got dumped, and I think that you could make me feel better.
I just got dumped, would you recycle me into your boyfriend
I'd like to have kids someday, and I wanted to know how your parents created such a beautiful creature.
Hey baby, you've got something on your butt - my eyes!
I don't know you much, but I think I love you already.
If we shared a garden, I'd put my tulips and your tu-lips together.
If I had to choose between you or winning the lottery...I would choose winning you.
Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?
If they could put a price tag on beauty you'd be worth more than Tajmahal.
Are you the moon? Because even when it's dark, you still seem to shine.
It's dark in here. Wait! It's because all of the light is shining on you.
Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you.
Do you have any raisins? [No] How about a date?
Are you a kidnapper? Because you just abducted my heart.
Are you sure you're not an alien because you've just abducted my heart!
Is your name Katrina? [No, why?] 'Cuz baby, you rock me like a hurricane!
A damn little kid with wings shot me heart-shaped arrow on my butt.
Can you pull this heart-shaped arrow out of my butt? A damn little kid with wings shot me.
Did you get your license suspended for driving so many guys crazy?
Let's play Winnie the Pooh and get my nose stuck in your honey jar.
When I'm older, I'll look back at all of my crowning memories, and I'll think of the day my children were born, the day I got married, and the day that I met you.
Hello. Cupid called. He says to tell you that he needs my heart back.
I'm good at algebra; I can replace your X and you wouldn't need to figure out Y!
Can I borrow your phone? I told my ex I'd call when I found someone better!
My name is john but you can call me anytime!
I lost my teddy bear, can i sleep with you?
Does your feet never hurt, you're always wondering around my thoughts all day long!
My body is like a temple. Do you want to come over for a midnight mass?
Hi, I'm lost in your almond-shaped eyes. Can you give me the direction to your heart?
With my IQ and your body, we could make a race of super children and conquer the earth!
I love my bed but I'd rather be in yours!
People call me 'Handsome' but you can call me Tonight!
Will you go out with me? (a) Yes (b) a (c) b
I once had a thousand desires but after knowing you, all else melted away!
Do you have room in your life for another friend?
I'm single, you're single. I like you, you like me. We are not dating. Am I missing out something here?
I want to hear your heartbeat, as we fall asleep together.
I don't exactly hate you, but if I had water right next to me, and you were on fire, I'd drink it.
Hey baby, are you Google? Because you have everything I'm searching for.
The love for you in my heart is far more than the data on my hard disk.
Hey, you're pretty and I'm cute. Together, we'd be Pretty Cute.
I tried to find the perfect line to make you mine, sweetheart, but after searching all I could come up with was this look in my eyes and your hand in mine, and the words, will you be mine?
God must be in a very good mood today, he made us meet.
You know that I think about you only twice a day? Once when my eyes are open, and once when they are closed.
Will you help the homeless? Take me home with you.
A Girlfriend is temporary but an ex-Girlfriend is for Lifetime!
I really want you to be my Facebook password!
I wish that I was what you wanted!
Do you like me as I am? Or should I pray God to improve your taste!
7 billion smiles and yours is my favourite!
Your eyes speak a language that my mind can read and my heart understands!
Your silence speak a language that my mind can read and my heart understands!
Wonderful combinations in this world: Heart and beats, Night and moon, Music and songs,Roses and love, Your message and my smile!
Most pictures may be worth a thousand words but a picture of you needs only one word:Wow!
Every time you look at me, I look away. Every time you look away, I look at you!
I want to be your favorite Hello, And the most difficult Goodbye!
Of all the people that could have stolen my heart - I am so happy, it was you!
When you look at me:My heart melts;My eyes twinkle;And my face lightens up!
I once had a dream that you were here with me standing by my side saying those three words that meant everything to me.I know that dream will come true, And until that day, I am waiting here for you!
If life was supposed to be easy, I wouldn't be sitting here trying to figure out ways to get you to fall in love with me!
Don't make me wait just because you know I will!
No matter how happily married a woman may be, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice man who wishes that she were not!
Why don't you have a boyfriend? [Girl: I am not allowed to have a boyfriend, but why don't you have a girlfriend ?] Because you are not allowed to have a boyfriend yet. So I am just waiting for you!
You're  my Candy, you're my Crush; Whenever I see your Pic, it makes me blush!
If i sacrifice my sleep just to talk with you. Trust me u r damn special.
Truth is if I could be with anyone, I would still choose you!
My heart has a room and it's empty. Do you want to move in?
You wanna know who's amazing and has the cutest smile ever? Read the first word again!
If I could be any alphabet, I would choose 'V'... so that I could be next to 'U' forever!
Your voice is so sweet to me that it awakens the depths of my heart!
No matter how strong a person I am... your presence and even absence always makes me weak!
I wonder if you think of me like I think of you!
I have a pen... you have a phone number. Think of the possibilities!
You aren't just cute;You aren't just beautiful;You are both... you're cutieful!
Before I met you, I didn't know what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason at all!
I'm not flirting. I'm just being extra nice to someone who is extra attractive!
Someone is looking his whole life in these deep beautiful eyes.
Girl you are smart; you are like a work of art; you are sexy; you are fine;The only thing you ain't is;
Sometimes, I can't sleep because my mind having thoughts of how much easier life would be if you were by my side!
If you want me in your life, put me there. I shouldn't be fighting for a spot.
I see myself as a crayon, I may not be your favorite color. But I know someday, you will need me to complete your picture!
This winter, let me be your summer.
Forever is a long time, but I wouldn't mind spending it by your side.
I wish you knew how much I like you. How much I love talking to you and how much I wish you were mine.
When I'm alone I think of so many things to say to you; But when I have a chance to tell you, I go speechless.
I'm not addicted to texting; I'm addicted to the person I'm texting.
My first name and your last name would sound great together!
I wish I could be exactly what you are looking for.
You're always on my mind, and I just think of ways to get into yours.
I love it when I catch you looking at me then you smile and look away.
If I disturb you, I'm Sorry! But I need to say that I love disturbing you
'Hi'  it's a short simple word, but that's how love starts.
Love is that beautiful forest where a brave Tiger is killed by a doe-eyed beautiful Deer!
If fear didn't exist, I'd run up to you, hug you, and tell you that I love you.
May be the God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one; so that when we finally meet the right person, we'll know how to be grateful for that gift!
Love is an illusion! It's a highly dependency disorder of weak hearted people. People with strong hearts believe in Flirting!
My heart problem has reached a critical stage. The doctor says, "there are only 2 options left, ICU or U C Me.
It must have been a rainy day when you were born. It wasn't actually rain, it was the sky crying coz it lost it's most beautiful angel.
U may be out of my sight but not out of my mind. U may be out of my reach but not out of my heart. I may mean nothing to U but U'll always be special to me.
U can be a doctor & save lives, a lawyer & defend lives, a soldier & protect lives or simply create lives .....with me!
I'm not perfect but do you  know that u'll never ever find someone like me!
You may be someone to the world; But for someone you may be the world!
You`re the 2nd most beautiful girl in the world.(Who`s the 1st?) You, when you`re smiling.
I’ll climb the tallest mountain, swim the deepest ocean and walk on burning coal for you.
Yesterday,Today n tomorrow, there'll be one heart that would always beat for u.
I can always take care of myself but I still want to meet the person who can prove that I cannot!
Think big, think smart, think positive, think beautiful, think great;But I know this is too much ;So here is a shortcut, just think about ME!
If I could be any part of you, I`d be ur tear. To be conceived in ur heart, born in ur eyes, live on ur cheeks and die on ur lips.
love can neither be created nor destroyed. It can just be transferred from one to another person.
Some people say happiness is life. Others say it's freedom & some say it's money, but happiness for me is just YOU.
Some people have nice eyes... some people have nice smile, others have nice faces, but you have all of them with a nice heart!
U smile when you are happy and I smile when you are happy.
God created the world in SIX days But took him centuries to come up with someone as beautiful.... as U!
I luv ur eyes I luv ur smile. I cherish ur ways, I adore ur style. What can I say? U r one of a kind & 24/7 u r on my mind!
The way the light is hitting your eyes, I can see myself in them, and damn, I look good!
Do you carry another weapon with you besides your eyes?
If you have a chance to become anything on earth what would you want to become?" [the answer] you: " well to me, I want to be your tear drop: I was born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.
I wish I was one of your tears, so I could be born in your eye, run down your cheek, and die on your lips.
When I look into your eyes, I see a deep ocean of secrets.Your eyes are so mysterious i'd like to be your detective.
Who took the stars out of the sky and put them in your eyes?
You must be from out of space cause I can see the stars in your eyes.
Your eyes have touched my soul
Do you have some water? Because you set my heart on fire.
Ever since I met you, you've lived in my heart without paying any rent
God gave us two ears, two eyes, two legs and two hands, but he only gave us one heart, and he wanted me to find you and tell you, you are the second one
Hey baby do you like a man that can carry big things because u r the biggest sweetheart
If you wake up in a RED room, with no windows or doors..don't be alarmed, babyqirl..you're just in my heart
It hurts! When you tore out my heart and threw it across the room!
My mom told me that life is like a deck of cards, so you must the be queen of hearts.
Please don't go or else I will have to make a report to the cops that you stole my heart.
You stole my heart, so can I steal your last name?
You're so sweet. I'm getting a toothache just looking at you.
You've a nice smile. Can I be your dentist?
Baby, you are FATulous!
Curvy is beauty.
I love your pefect imperfections.
The most heavenly body was sitting right next to me.
You look life my first wife! [How many have you had?]. None
Looking at your beautiful face is like Looking at a rose .
May I have the distinguished honor and privilege of sitting next to you?
Papa bear looked ok, mama bear looked a little better, but mmmm baby bear looks just right!
When I saw your face I thought I died and went to heaven.
You're good looking, you got a beautiful body, beautiful legs, beautiful face, all these guys in love with you.
Your body is like a temple.
Excuse me, could you please dial down your hotness, it's causing global warming
I saw u a number of times over there, and u r beautiful.
I m in love with the most beautiful woman I ever knew
Give me some cooling aloe gel, because you are making me hot
Hey baby u r so hot I think i'm melting all over you !
How is your fever? [What fever?] Oh… you just look hot to me.
How long did it take you to walk around the sun to look that hot and be that sexy.
Who is your plastic surgeon How much did it cost?  that made you so hot!
I blame you for global warming... your hotness is too much for the planet to handle!
I'm going to need a tall glass of cold water, because baby your making me HOT!
If I had a dollar for every chick I'd seen as hot as you… I'd have exactly one dollar!!
If I was any object I would be a fan, so when you turn me on, I can cool you down when you get hot.
If you were a year you'd be the last one, because you're the hottest on record
If you weren't here I'd be the hottest person in this place.I'm little jealous.
So…did you just dump your boyfriend because you were to hot for him?
The only thing hotter than today is your body.
You're so hot you would make the devil sweat.
Your so shiny the sun has to wear sunglasses just to look at you.
Are you an amethyst? Because I need you to contorl my evil thoughts.
Baby, are you an aquamarine crystal ball? Because I can see myself in you.
You are like alexandrite, because you are beautiful under all different lighting.
I need a red garnet stone to help cure my heart palpitations from looking at you.
I think God took a brown topaz gem and made your eyes out of it.
I think God took an emerald stone and made your eyes out of it.
Your green eyes shine like a emerald.
I think God took the pigment out of an aquamarine and put it in your eyes.
If I can be a gemstone, I would be a garnet, so you can wear me to keep you health.
If I can be a gemstone, I would carved it into a heart shape and give it to you.
My love for you is like a garnet – eternally.
You are flawless like a diamond which is hard to find.
You must be a blue sapphire, because it is destiny that we meet.
Your eyes are as blue as the aquamarine stone. They are so clear I can see the ocean.
Has anyone ever told you that you are absolutely beautiful...??
(To someone working somewhere where a counter separates you) You're like a drug to me. Good thing you're over the counter.
Are you a model?
Are you busy tonight around 2 a.m.?
If u r a paper and i m a highlighter, the whole packet will be highlighted.
Are you a winning medal? Because I am hungry for you.
Your pearl necklace looks great on you. Would you like a mangalsutra?
If I were on a jury I'd find you guilty of being criminally gorgeous.
I’ll teach you about jurisdiction, if we change the venue to my place.
If loving you is a crime, then I’m looking at a life sentence.
Your body is 'ultra vires', it's beyond my power to control myself around you.
I'm sorry, but thinking of you and me together makes me contemplate having a second chance.
Some experts only look for a specific type of girl: lovely, brunette, and amazing. I used that strict standard to find you.
You are so sweet, can I taste your honey?
Baby, I wanna liquidate your assets.
Baby if I take you home? It's an experience you ain't gonna be writing off anytime soon.
Baby, your not just another journal entry, you balance my books.
U r my revenue Because I'm so loss without you!
Girl you meet all my criteria, so you better believe I am going to capitalize.
Girl you should've listed me as a deduction, cuz I am dependent on your love.
What say we go back to your place and I Audit your Assets?
Do you want to make a double entry in my ledger account if you know what I mean.
How bout you increase your charitable contributions by handing me your digits?
I have incredibly liquid assets right now, and they're dying to get a good return.
I know I'm not a 99 or even an 85. I'm a 75, will you take me for who I am?
I should recognize you as a capital lease
I'll let you audit my assets if you let me audit yours. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see what's in my books.
I'm done being a sole proprietor, let's form a partnership
Listen honey, being with me is so good it's taxable.
You're the kind of girl I could take home to mother – which is good, since I still live with her.
Hi, I'm Andrew. I thought we should at least have a conversation before we get married.
Excuse me Miss, would you like to drive across country and kill people with me?
I think you set my underpants on fire. I'm pretty sure this means we should get dinner.
I want to have you on every hill in Lebanon, under every tree.
Can I buy you a beer and talk to you for 5 minutes?
Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it?
Excuse me, I don't want you to think I'm ridiculous or anything, but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I just felt like I had to tell you.
Do you sing in the gospel choir? Because you have voice of an angel.
Girl you are the cream, I am the chocolate let's make a sundae.
I actually prefer that life give me lemons so that I can make a pretty lady like you some strawberry lemonade on a hot Summer's day.
I claim you in the name of JESUS!
I wish I was 50 cent so I could take you to the candy shop!
I'm like chocolate pudding, I may not look that good but I taste great
Who yo hair dresser? Tell her I apologize for messing up her work
You a good girl, you jus need a thug in ya life to treat you rite!
You are so hot, you put shame to Lousiana Hot Sauce.
You have the child-birthing hips that I have been looking for.
You hungry? Ha I am..bust that p*ssy open for me
Can I buy you a drink in [insert cosmopolitan city of your choice]?
Have trouble sleeping on trains? [No] You will when we travel together.
I'd love to be your final destination.
I would love to show you the world.
Something tells me we'd make great travel partners.
Want to share a cappuccino in Milan tomorrow morning?
What do you think about raising this arm rest to get the party started?
What's your address? [Why?] So I know what to write on my luggage tag in case my bags get lost and they need to find me.
Which language would you like me to ask you out in?
Would you like to join me in the members-only lounge?
Your eyes are as blue as the waters surrounding the exotic island I would take you to if we were dating.
And if I might be so bold, Ma'am, I don't think you'll be needing your seat cushion as a flotation device.
Good thing that's not a wood detector, 'cause you'd keep me here all night.
Sir, can I turn on your laptop?
You've set off my babe detector and I'm afraid I'm going to have to scan you with my wand.
 I want to call my mom and tell her I've met the girl of my dreams.
Any chance I could Do buy you dinner tonight? Don't be shy
I know we just met, but I Care lot about you.
I saw London, I saw France....can I see your underpants?
Do you come here often?
I'm new in town. Could you give me directions?
Excuse me. My friend here and I are debating about which of these (drinks) is better. What do you think?
Here’s $20. Drink until I’m good looking and then come talk to me.
Hey! You owe me a drink.Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.
You owe me a drink, you’re so ugly I dropped mine when I saw you.
Hi there, are you drinking a mixed drink? Mind if I join you.
I see you’ve got some tequila’s. Does that mean you wanna give me a shot?
I’m fine with being just friends, as long as I can seduce you when we’re drunk.
I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.
In medieval times my beer belly would be a sign of prosperity and attractiveness, what do you think?
Let’s get drunk and tell each other everything we’re too afraid to say sober.
Look I’m just trying to drink here, but you’re very distracting.
Mind if I get drunk with you?
What do you say I buy the booze and you show me how to shake it.
If you think a meteor is hard, you should see what you are doing to my missile.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a hell like this?
What's a real sweet and lovely girl like you doing in a place like this?
Where have you been, for the first 19 years of my life?
You know what's faster than the speed of light? My heart when I just think of you.
Are you an eligible receiver... of my phone number?
Whoever said Disney was the happiest place on earth hasn't been in her pants
I think u r  suffering from a lack of vitamin me.
You know, speaking of smiles, they say [name] has the best one in the college!
"Hey, do you like raisins?" "Yeah" "How about a date?"  We could enjoy a great Monday Night Football game together if you'd like.
Excuse me, I am a little short on cash, would you mind if we shared a cab home together?
I specialise in scoring screamers.
Are you free this Sunday? I was hoping we could see yet another Tom Brady game-winning drive!
I've proven to a lot of people that size doesn't matter. Tonight it's your turn.
I've never made an incomplete pass, and I hope you won't be my first.
If I had a star for every time you made me smile, I'd have a whole galaxy in the palm of my hand.
I just wanted to know if you enjoy playing Madden NFL 25 on Playstation 4 because if so, we could be teammates.
Something is wrong with my cell phone because you're not in it. If I can get your number, we could talk about....
Beww BEWWW Beww.That's the sound of the ambulance coming to pick me up because when I saw them my heart stopped.
Want to warm my bench?
You're likely to go to prison for being such a good thief, because you stole my heart.
I Want to Put a Ring Bigger Than One of Nick Saban's on Your Finger
Can you call a lifeguard? Because I'm drowning in your eyes...
I think heaven is missing an angel who can't swim very well.
Do you like roller coasters? Because I can not only rock your world, but I can send you on a ride you will never forget.
Hello wanna see my pet snake, I won two years in a row for best performance.
Hey baby! It doesn't take a ticket to let you ride me.
Hey sugar pie, I would love to buy you a fennel cake.
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here is my number.
I couldn't help but notice you lost your bikini top on that waterslide, give me your number and I'll let you have it back.
I got an amusement park in my pants.
I hope you got flood insurance cause you're about to get wet
I’ll be glad to clean off your sweet lips real quick-like, you puddin’ face doll!
Life is a roller coaster. You can either scream every time you hit a bump or you can throw your hands up in the air and enjoy it.
Miss? Would you like to try an Italian sausage?
Nicest melons at the fair, honey! Sweet and succulent-looking
Would you like to go on a ride with me?
You had me at "Let's go to Disneyland".
You, me, amusement park?
I'm an angry bird, but I feel happy when I'm with you.
Let's be lovebirds.
My aim may not be very good, but I will keep trying until I get it in there.
No fortress can stop me from getting to you
You are addictive like the smok.
You knock me out!
You are awfully cute when you are angry.
Are you a great white shark, cause you look like you wanna swallow me whole.
Did you grow up on a chicken farm? (NO) Because I heard you were good at raising cocks!
If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone?
Before you move down the hall, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.
Do you want to come to my place and watch porn on my flat screen mirror?
Hello my sexy single neighbor.
I know the best restaurant in town... my place.
I love looking outside my window and watching you sunbathing on the side of community pool.
I love lying on the poolside and checking you out.
I wish the wall between our apartments disappeared.
My apartment is my theater, and my bedroom is my stage – Come play with me.
You be my #1 tenant, and I’ll always respond to your requests and keep satisfaction high.
You must have many followers… because you had no trouble attracting me.
You’re more than just a neighbor. You are the reason I walk my dog every morning at 6:30.
Your voice is angelic. I can hear you singing in the shower.
Baby, you make this Homo erectus.
Can I touch your tangible heritage?
Excuse me miss, but are you Diamond? Because it feels like I've been digging you for years.
Hey baby, Can I probe your moist area?
Hey baby, can I survey your features ?
Hey baby, could i have a look at your artifacts?
I find your culture fascinating…I’d like to learn more about your mating rituals.
I like your hotspot.
I sure would like to calibrate your curves.
I’d like to excavate your site.
Wanna extract some minerals from my bone?
Wow, and all this time I thought nothing was sexier than archaeometry!
You know, you really match my culturally constructed beauty standard !
 I’d do anything to claim you for my own.
You're an osteologist? In that case, there's a bone I'd like to show you...
Your beauty is more striking than the preservation of Otzi the Iceman!
Has anybody ever told you you have the face of a Daniel Burnham and the body of a Fredrick Law Olmstead?
Has anyone ever told you you look like Chun Li?
Let's take this relationship from conecpt to construction.
There is nothing more critical than my need to be with you.
Would you like to be my next case study?
You are special exception.
You are the starchitect of my life.
I have non stop thinking about you.
I have yellow fever and you’re the cure.
I love your almond-shaped eyes.
I’ve always wanted to date an Asian girl.
I’m done with white girls. They are too much drama.
I'm Asian. Do you have any Asian in you? Want some?
If you will be my Yin, can I be your yang?
My eyes may seem small but I've got a HUGE personality
Seeing you makes my face turn red with passion.
You’re a very pretty Asian girl. Have you ever made out with a white guy before?…Would you like to?
Can't nobody turn me on like the way you do.
Girl you are so adorable. Would you like to travel with me to outer space and melt in the milky way?
Girl, I can't explain what I feel
Give me the time for one song and I will show you the world.
Hello hello what? Tell me what you want right now.
I believe I am the chaser that's going to steal your heart.
I know you are an angel because seeing you make me go crazy.
I want nobody, nobody but you
I will show you what love is.
I'm a good doctor, so let me cure your love sickness.
I'm on fire, but you keep on standing still
No one can't like you more than i like you.
I've traveled all 50 states and 27 countries and I've never met anyone like you.
I have an extra ticket for a fire dancing workshop next weekend. Wanna come?
Hey baby, how many Gamma-ray bursts can your Milky Way take?
I think you might be a star because i can't stop orbiting around you.
I've never seen stars as beautiful as your eyes.
Kiss me! Let me taste your sweet lips before the asteroid destroys earth.
Mind if my comet enters your solar system?
What do you say we observe each other through naked eyes?
Woah! What's the name of THIS heavenly body?
Wow you feel like a comet, you are a once in a lifetime experience and I'm glad i didn't miss it, can i buy you a drink?
You must be a Magnetar because i feel a strong magnetism between us.
Your eyes are brighter than Sirius.
Your smile is like a black hole, nothing can escape it's pull.
If you're here, who's running heaven?
If a star fell for every time I thought of you, the sky would be empty.
Ask her "How does it feel?" When she ask's what; you say "To be the only star in the sky"
I must be the Sun and you must be Earth, cause the closer we get, the hotter you become.
I'm attracted to you like the Earth is attracted to the Sun-with a large force inversely proportional to the distance squared.
This might sound crazy, but I can already feel myself falling in love with you.
I notice that you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life.
I saw you somewhere before. I'm certain it was in my dreams.
Of course there's lots of fish in the sea, but you're  the one I choose.
Your eyes are like glimmering oceans of emotion. Suddenly I want to get lost at sea.
Hi, I'm writing a term paper on the finer things in life.Your opinions are so brilliant and original. Can I interview you?
You are the most intriguing, mysterious, captivating person I've ever met.
I own a winery/cookie shop. I'd love for you to come by for a tour and some free samples.
Are you a deity? Because you look unreal.
Don't worry. Nobody's watching.
I believe we are a perfect match, but will you come home with me so I can test my hypothesis.
Naturally, I'd select you over anyone else.
Thankfully, there is no heaven or hell, because I have some deadly sins in mind.
There is no god, so no going to hell if we fuck.
I've already kicked Sallie Mae out. Want to take her place?
The good news? I'm debt-free. The better news? I'm also date-free.
Wanna talk about our private goods?
Why am I nervous about talking to you? Because you're better than I deserve.
Do you like rock & roll music? Well, good because I'm going to rock your world.
Do you think most men that go to nightclubs and bars are jerks?
Don't you just hate it when guys try to use pick-up lines on you?
Hi, my name is ___. I just wanted to tell you that I love the way you dance.
High school was hell… and you were the hottest thing there.
I can't believe I haven't seen you in 4 years. You don't look a day over 15.
I can't stop looking at you.
I just moved here from ___. Do you know any other good nightclubs around the area?
I think all the bottles in this bar must be jealous, cause your beauty is the most intoxicating thing in this place.
I'm bored. If you will entertain me, I will buy you a drink.
I'm real shy and it took a lot of guts to approach you. May I buy you a drink and talk to you?
If I'd have known I'd see you here, I'd have been sitting on this bar stool since my last birthday.
It's so funny that you were this hot cheerleader/football player and I was a bumbling nerd because now WILL YOU MARRY ME?
Just because I haven't seen you in 10 years doesn't mean I haven't thought of you every day.
My aunt died and left me six million dollars with the stipulation that I find a wife by Friday. Would you like to have a drink with me?
My drink is getting lonely, so would you like to join me with one?
Remember when you winked at me in Chemistry class when you had iodine in your eye? I've never forgotten that.
See that table over there? I've been waiting for you to come over and talk to me. Can you join me for a drink and some friendly conversation?
What's the name of that funny dance you were doing? It's really good!
What's your favorite song to dance to?
What's your name, besides beautiful?
Would you like to dance with a ugly man?
Would you like to dance?
You are the special lady that I have been saving this seat for.
Are you accepting applications for your fan club? I'd love to join
I got a private conference in my hotel room at the winter meetings, come on up if you wanna look at my trade package
If you were a reliever, I'd sign you up to a three year contract with a vesting option
The only thing tender today is my heart for you
 I'd like to take you on a date
What's long and hard and intimidates everyone? My BAT. Isn't it adorable?
What's the "win probability" of me taking you on date tonight, baby?
Do you know what the Chicago Bulls and I have in common? Solid D.
Hey big guy, We'd make a cute couple, cuz I happen to be an exceptionally pure woman.
I wanna be linside you.....inside your heart
You look like you're made from the best stuff on Earth.
You know beautiful is my favorite color. [Girl: That is not a color]. Its the color of your eyes.
Have you ever been to Hawaii? Well it was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen till I gazed into your eyes
How long did it take you to walk around the sun to look that hot and be that sexy.
I have found something in my eyes. [Look her in her eyes] It's still there it's… its beauty.
I don't know if you're beautiful or not, I haven't gotten past your eyes
I just wanted to show this rose how incredibly beautiful you are!
I wanted to die but u looked so fine I decided to live.
I would say god bless you but it looks like he already did.
I'm like chocolate pudding, I look like crap but im as sweet as can be.
I've had quite a bit to drink, and you're beginning to look pretty good.
Let's make out so I can see if you taste as good as you look.
Looking  at your beautiful face is like looking at a rose.
If I didn't look a second time I wouldn't believe someone as beautiful as you exsisted.
Show me a man who doesn't think you look beautiful and I'll show you a man who is legally blind.
Were you arrested earlier? It's gotta be illegal to look that good.
When I look into your eyes I see an ocean
Yesterday, I tried to paint you, but I couldn't… the colors weren't beautiful enough.
You are a beautiful girl, you have probably heard all the great pick up lines
Are you a birthday present? Because I want to unwrap you.
Feeling the warmth of your body next to mine is the way I want to sleep the rest of my life.
Happy Birthday baby. All you have to do is unwrap your present – ME.
How about we put the birthday cake on top of me and you can eat it off me?
I know your birthday is only once a year but you're so special it should be every month.
You haven't age a day.
As I Lay Dying…my biggest regret was not telling you how beautiful you are.
Can you help me? I'm in Search of all the Lost Time I spent checkin' you out.
Hey girl, don't be The Stranger.
I have 'Great Expectations' for our future.
I like books, you like books, why don't we start writing the story of us?
I want you to hold me and Never Let Me Go.
I'd Fight to go to a Club with you.
I'd like to end your Age of Innocence.
I'd never be Miserables waking up to your face.
If you give me yo' number, I'll live up to all your Great Expectations.
My Heart was a Lonely Hunter 'til I met you, girl.
My love for you is Infinite, and I do not Jest.
We could make such a beautiful life together.
Are you a bowling ball?Because I want to pick you up and stick my fingers in your holes.
Do you like to play pool? (Yeah, why?) Cause I have the balls if you got the rack!
Forgive my forwardness. My mind's been in the gutter all night long.
I love the way you handle that big tasks.
They say gaming is 90 percent mental. I guess I'll have to quit then, because my mind is 100 percent on you.
I don't care who you are, Where you're from, What you did, As long as you love me
I know we only met but let's pretend it's love
I'm afraid you'll run away if I tell you what I wanted to tell you
When I look into your eyes, I know that it's true. God must have spent...A little more time On you.
You'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to
Would he please you? Would he kiss you? Would he treat you like I would?
 Just think you may be the lucky girl my parents finally allow me to go on a date
Hi my name is Mickey, and there is nothing Minnie about me!
You are so hot, I would rob a bank for you.
I'm no Tiger Woods, but I am a Tiger, and I have Wood
Starbucks believes that their concept would be complete if You agreed to have coffee with me...
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment
I love my life. Would you share it with me?
Simple having a conversation with you right now makes my day whether you give me or not give me your phone number.
The Buddha said, "Men who are addicted to the passions are like the torch-carrier running against the wind; his hands are sure to be burned." I lust for you and love to play with fire.
I'm a man who drinks beer from an Awesome Land. Need I say more?
I wish I was Tim Horton's coffee…So I could get close to your lips
I'm waking up at 5am for hockey. But I would stay up all night for you.
I've seen a lot of Canada, but you could take me to the top of the world.
My friends have been calling me a loon, because I'm crazy about you.
Can i open your bonnet and check out your oil with my dipstick.
Can I offer you a space to plugin and recharge?
Hello. I'm sorry but I'm lost. Can you show me the road to happiness?
Hey baby, if you were a car, I'd have to turn off your brights, because your headlights are blinding.
Hey baby! Every heard of dancing car? Get in and i will show you.
Hey Baby! I’ve changed the shocks of my car. Wanna try them?
Hey Girl! You’ve a beautiful chassis, two lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper.
Hey Girl! Your eyes remind me of my car headlights. So Bright, Big & Beautiful.
Hi. I just heard on the traffic report that traffic is slow moving at (your location) because drivers were being distracted near a (model/color of her car). You really should make an effort to be a little less attractive before you go out at rush hour.
I noticed your right front tire is a little low. You should check it out right away, or you could have a blowout.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a car like that?
You're like your hybrid, so quiet but so powerful.
You're the only thing about this traffic worth smiling about! Got a cell phone? I'd love to chat with you!
I have a cat, she would like to meet you.
I love cats. I heard you have a nice pussy. Can i play with her?
There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you're the only one I'd like to catch and mount back home.
Where have you been all my lives?
God said it is not good for man to be alone. So how about it?
Are you the angel I have been praying for?
I need God to put someone like you in my life.
Catholics don't shake hands; Catholics gotta hug!
Christ may be the bread of life, but you're the butter.
Did you feel what I felt ?
Do you need help carrying your bible? It looks heavy
Do you want to be accountability partners?
Doesn't the Bible say to 'greet one another with a holy kiss?
Excuse me, is this seat taken?
God has used you to teach me what true love really is
God must have spent a little more time on you!
God told me to come talk to you.
Guy: I love this song. Girl: there is no music playing. Guy: Your voice is like music to my soul.
Here I am, the answer to your prayers.
Hey are you busy Sunday?[no] Wanna meet me at the [place]…
Hey girl, God commands us to be fruitful and multiply. What do you say?
Hey girl, reading Leviticus with you was so fun! Let's do that again!
Hey girl, whenever I read Proverb 31, I think about you.
Unfortunately, I can't perform miracles, and I only have enough fish and bread for two people...
How many times do I have to walk around you to make you fall for me?
Let's share our hearts.
I don't know if you noticed but, when you walked into the room, that was me giving up a clap offering.
I know people says that it's better to stay single, but ever since I met you I knew that would be impossible for me.
I know you've already said no once, but call me Joshua because I'm going to break down your walls.
I love you like romeo loved Juliet.
I may not have a job right now, and I may live in my parent's basement, but I swear to you I'm storing up treasure in heaven and my mansion is gonna rock.
I think it's cute when we're in the car and you turn down the music when a swear word is coming up.
I thought perfect matches were only made in heaven, but I am glad I found mine right here in front of me.
I used to believe in natural theology, but since I met you I've converted to divine revelation.
I was not checking you out. I was admiring how the good lord has blessed you.
I would part the all oceans for you.
If my wallet look like a bible, it's only because the Word of God is ore valuable to me than gold.
It makes my head spin to see you serve food to those homeless people. You're such a sweetheart.
It's good that you sprouted from the good kinda soil.
Let me sell you an indulgence because it's a sin to look as good as you do.
Like the Bible says, I guard my heart. And you just set off my security alarm.
Many are the women of proven worth, but you have surpassed them all…
My Sacred Heart  started beating faster when I saw you.
My vocations director said i should talk to you . . . .
Others may try to surpass your physical beauty, but your spiritual beauty is beyond the constraints of this world.
So last night I was reading in the book of Numbers, and then I realized, I don't have yours.
So, what would you say to some  lunch tomorrow?
Do you come here often?
That halo matches your eyes perfectly.
I know you've already said no once,but My Sacred Heart compels me i should talk to you once again..
The Lord is your refuge and strength in times of need, but in the meantime I was thinking I could lay hands on you in prayer...
"Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry," how about dinner?
Wanna serve at the soup kitchen with me on Wednesday?
When I saw you, I knew the true meaning of “Rejoice and Be Glad.”
When you hold my hand my world was filled with peace!
Wow, God must have been having a good day when He created you.
You and me, we're like loaves and fishes. We just might be a miracle together.
You don't have an accountability partner? Me neither!
You don't like this either? Wow! We have so much in common!
You know they say that you have never really dated until you've dated a Catholic.
You know, God is pure beauty…I see a lot of God in you.
You must be my angel cause you're the Answers to all my prayers.
You've been waiting for God to grant you the desires of your single heart, and I'm certain to satisfy them.
You're as lovely as a rose, you must be my answer to all my prayers.
I just have this feeling that God put us both on the same mission for a reason.
I heard that Tim Keller's book, "The Meaning of Marriage," is pretty great. How baout we read it together and discuss?
I noticed that you have the bible app on your phone... I can tell you're a woman of the word.
My friend told me to come and meet you, he said that you are a really nice person. I think you know him, Jesus, yeah, that's his name.
Your heart for worship is extremely attractive. The way that you sing your heart out and throw your hands in the air... Gracious.
Can I get into your cave of wonders?
Can you tell me a bedtime story and tuck me in?
I'll make you want to spend more time in bed with me than Sleeping, Beauty.
Are you a celebrity? Can I get an autograph?
I think you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
I'm Chinese. Do you have any Chinese in you? Want some?
I'm new in town and looking to meet some new people.
I'm studying Chinese and I need to practice. How do you like it?
I never did this before, but you are so amazing, I had to talk to you.
I like your look. A lot of girls have beauty, but you seem like you have character.
I heard you are good at math, so what's the sum of U+Me
I've always wanted to date a Chinese girl.
I've noticed you were looking at me. Can I buy you a drink?
Wow. I've never seen a girl as beautiful as you.
You remind me of my fourth wife.
You're a very pretty Chinese girl. Have you ever made out with a white guy before?…Would you like to?
I'm like a Christmas present - you'll love waking up to me in the morning.
If you wake up in a box tomorrow morning, it's cause I asked for the sexiest person in the world for Christmas.
If I were a snowman, I'd melt standing next to you cause you're just too hot for me to handle
My love for you is like a fruitcake during the holidays - nutty, spicy and unavoidable, no matter how hard you try.
Excuse me, but my Chai gave me an awful tongue burn. I think I need mouth-to-mouth.
I can feel something brewing between the two of us.
You've got more curves than a circle.
What do you say we get out of these pajama bottoms and slip into something more comfortable?
Do you know, your hair and my pillow are perfectly color coordinated.
Do you like color red? Be careful playing with fire and you might end up burnt.
I figured out why the sky was grey today...all the blue is in you today.
I just love the color of your pretty hair.
I love your nail color. It compliments your eyes/hairs/dress.
Roses are red Lillies are white. We’d make a great couple, You know that I’m right.
Roses are red, bananas are yellow, wanna go out with a nice little fellow?
Roses are red, violets are fine. If I be the 6, will you be the 9?
When I look into your hazel eyes I see autum sunsets and late night curled up in front of the fire.
You are beautiful with your glorious golden hair.
You are like a juicy red apple that I want to have a bite.
You’re the most beautiful redhead I’ve ever seen.
I'm the king in bed. Will you be my queen?
I'll be your Tramp, if you'll be my Lady.
We would go great together like bread and butter.
You are the sun to my moon, the yin to my yang; there's no one else that I'd rather bang.
Hi, my name's Ying will you be my Yang?
I bet I could chang your world
A life without you, would be like a computer without an OS.
Are you an exception? Let me catch you.
Do u like me? Text '1′ for 'Yes,' '2′ for 'No.
Girl, you are an A++.
I'm a power source, and you're the kind of resistor i'd like to deliver my load to.
I think you could be an integral part of my project life cycle.
I think you're my compiler. My life wouldn't start without you.
I'd like to play on your laptop.
I'll bet my hard drive is the biggest you've ever seen.
I'm definitely in the range of your hotspot. How about you let me connect and get full access.
If you won't let me buy you a drink, at least let me fix your laptop.
Is your network encrypted? Im looking to hack.
Isn't your e-mail address beautifulgirl@mydreams.com?
My attraction for you is stronger than the magnetic forces.
My love for you is a constant variable: unupdatable and unchangeable.
No costume in the world could make you look hotter than you already are.
No matter how I sort things, you'll always be first.
Well, if that's how you feel, I guess it's time to upgrade.
Would you like to enjoy my laptop, I promise I don't have any viruses...
You auto-complete me. You auto-correct me.
You had me at "u r perfect"
Did you just take a milk bath? Your skin are so soft and smooth.
Do you know a cow can lick its nose? I can't lick mine, but I can lick yours.
Ducks go quack, cows go moo, let me stick it in and you'll go "Oooooh".
You look exactly like the woman in my dream
I bet we would raise good kids together.
I would love to graze your field.
I will worship you like how they worship a cow in India?
You can milk my cow anytime.
Camping this weekend? There's a shower back at my place that you don't have to share . . unless you want to share.
Can we cuddle naked while we listen to your favorite music.
Hey, good looking. How's about cookin' somethin' up with me?
'Love at first sight' well, I never knew those words were true 'til you walked up the Stagecoach stage tonight.
I must be wearing 3-D glasses, because your body is popping
I think my jewel-studded g-string and your Gucci bikini would look great together on my hotel room floor in the morning.
Nice dress, it would look great at the floor of my bed…
See those cops over there? They’re here for you, because it’s illegal to look that good.
We're on tour right now, and i just feel so blessed.
You look like a hot shower, because I'd love to be inside you.
You must not have an air conditioner, because I'm your fan and you're turning me on.
Your name's sun screen right? I'd feel better if you were all over me.
Wanna dance? I've got a feeling that dancing with you will be like nothing else on earth!
You haven't told me yes yet.
Did you know that you burn 5 calories a minute while slow dancing. Wanna work out?
Do you think we would look cute dancing together? I think we should find out
I bet your like a butterfly, pretty to see but hard to catch!
I'd use a cheesy pick-up line on you, but you're too smart. So I'm gonna ask you straight up, would you dance with me?
I've just discovered that my feet won't dance by themselves . Please help!
If beauty were time, you'd be eternity and I'd love to have a tiny piece of your time to dance with you.
If you would say yes to my next question, you'd make me melt like hot fudge on a sundae.
You make me melt like hot fudge on a sundae.
The opportunity to date with you is the treasure I've been searching for.
My soul's pointing toward you and I believe it wants me to ask you to date. Will you?
Not trying to impress you but  I heard you like bad boys. Wanna dance?
Some people say that there are seven wonders in the world, dating with you is the eighth.
The only thing your eyes haven't told me yet is your name and whether you'll dance with me tonight.
There are 20 angels in the world 11 are playing, 8 are sleeping and 1 of them is standing in front of me. Would you like to dance?
I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes and dance with me?
Would you dance with me so I can tell my friends I just danced with an angel?
You know, Math is so useless. The only math i need is you + me = us on the dance floor
You might not like it when guys swear, but I swear i would love to date with you.
You'd be choosing the right if you chose to date with me
Monday is my favorite day of the week. I have waited the whole weekend to see you...
What can I say women are like a fine wine and only get better with age.
Hey baby, your body is 75% water, and I'm thirsty. Can I drink you? Happy Thirstday!
Hey baby, just the thought of you make me wet. Happy Wetnesday
Hey baby, do you want to get lunch or do you want to be lunch?
I've gotta thirst, baby, and you smell like my milkshake
If it's true that we are what we eat, I could be you by morning!
Your lips are like foreign imported wine, I want to get savor each sip.
Keep me in the fridge til you want me.
Mmm girl! You so sweet I'm gonna get diabetes! I want to taste every part of you.
So do you like Italian or chinese? [choose one] because i need to know what kind of sandwiches to order you for lunch.
Without you, my heart feels like swiss cheese – full of holes.
You & Me. Sounds like a great idea
You are my missing ingredient.
You look like a piece of pastry inside the glass display case that I'm dying to get a piece of.
You sound like a delicious deli sandwich that I am hungry for.
You remind me of fast food because I want to take you out, and then eat you in my car.
Your nick name must be Candy… Because you look so sweet.
I want to melt in your mouth.
I'm drowning in your beauty and need mouth to mouth now.
I'm drowning in your eyes and need mouth to mouth now.
Smile, it lets your teeth breathe.
Stop undressing me with your eyes! Use your teeth!
Have you ever been kissed by dinosaur in dream ? Allow me to demonstrate.
I can take you to infinity and beyond. let's go to Infinity & Beyond.
You've got a friend in me. Friends with benefits that is.
Wanna play Words With Friends With Benefits?
I might need life alert, because I've fallen in love with you and can't get up.
I need a life. Please lower your standards and go out with me.
I'd like to find another doctor. Why? Because I've got a crush on you. Would you like to grab lunch sometime?
I'm a medic, I know your body better then you do!
If you need a love doctor, Sit back and relax…I fix broken hearts.
I always come when i called, i prepared for any rhythm
When we first met I couldn't get you out of my mind,now I can't get you out of my heart.
When I look into your eyes I feel like I'm flying around the universe.
Are you an angel? Because I haven't blinked since I first saw your face.
Because life is short and you are hot.
I couldn’t forget you even if you were a silence.
I'm so drunk off your love
I’m no immortal, but I’d wait countless years to see you again
Let's get wibbly wobbly timely wimey bangidy wangidy sexity wexity...
My heart isn't right for me, but you are!
You have silenced me with your beauty.
I've crossed all profiles in the facebook to find you.
There's not a single feeling strong enough in the world to keep me away from you.
You make me want to be a more obedient dog.
I said what I meant, I meant what I said, n You're a great catch.
I'm looking for a no-strings-attached cuddle buddy.
Hi there girl, you look so great, Would you kindly be my date? Get to know me, I'm a perfect man ;)
Would you, could you, like to date? Would you, could you, like to mate?
I’ve danced with Thing 1, and held hands with Thing 2. But not a creature in World compares to you.
My heart ain't the only thing two sizes too large, if you know what I mean.
Can I follow you home? Because my parents always told me to follow my dreams.
Do you remember me? Oh that's right, we've only met in my dreams.
Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?
Guy: Pinch me? Girl: Why? Guy: Because I must be dreaming
I have never had a dream come true until the day that I met you.
I'll make all of your wildest dreams come true.
If this is a dream, I never wanna wake up!
So last night I had the same dream over and over - always the same thing, but in a different location every time. I kept dreaming that I was asking you out, but every time before you answered, I woke up, and I'm dying to know what your answer was.
Wow! You are talking to me? I think my dreams have finally come true!
Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me away from you.
Baby, all the ones other guys are unsustainable. Pay attention here
The connection I'm feeling is stronger than the link between climate change and extreme weather
Do you know what time it is? It's time to take your boyfriend to the dump.
Don't say you've got a boyfriend, cuz that would be an inconvenient truth.
Here's an inconvenient truth -- you have a nice ass
Hey sexy, I hear climate change is going to get really bad, you are gonna need a lover.
How many dormant volcanoes do you have? Because I bet I could activate all of them.
I am glad we are creating a sustainable relationship.
I can see us in orbit together.
I can't resist your gravitational pull.
I have data that suggests your hotness has increased 70% during the last 3 years.
I want to conserve water by taking a shower with you.
Wanna take a shower with me to conserve water?
I want to swim deeply in all five of your oceans.
I'm against animal cruelty, so don't hurt my snake, please stroke it gently
I'm an environmentalist, because I wouldn't want you any hotter than you already are.
Is there a magnetic field between us or am I just attracted to you?
Is your middle name turbine? Cuz you've got me spinning
Let's follow this current wherever it might lead us.
Want to play chemical make up with your periodic table of elements?
What do you say? - You, me, a pair of hand cuffs, and the corporate headquarters of your choice.
What's 100% organic and likes to party? This guy.
Temperature levels aren't the only thing that rising. if you know what i mean.
Would you like to hug my tree?
You eyes are as bright as energy saving halogen light bulbs, would you light up my life?
You make me want to recycle my frowns into smiles.
Your smile lights up the entire room like a candle in the dark.
Even the Chocolate factory doesn't make candy as sweet as your lips.
Hey baby, I heard that rabbits, can make 150 babies a year, how many do you think we can make?
Has anyone ever told you you have beautiful knees?
A little less conversation, a little more action please.A little less fight and a little more spark, close your mouth and open your heart.
When you smile the world is brighter, you touch my hand and I'm a king. Your kiss to me is worth a fortune, your love for me is everything.
Are you lonesome? I can't help falling in love with you.
Baby I'm gonna teach you what love's all about tonight
Don't fly away my beautiful bird
Girl give me a chance and I will show you a world of our own where spell of love began and our hearts become one
Her kisses are like volcano so hot
Hey girl my heart is anywhere you are.
Hey you long legged girl with the short dress on. you look gorgeous!!
Hide in the kitchen, hide in the hall, Ain't gonna do you no good at all 'Cause once I catch ya and the kissin' starts.
I got stung by a sweet honeybee, Oh what a feeling came over me, It started in my eyes, crept to my head, Flew to my heart til' I was stung dead!
I'm Gonna run my fingers through your long black hair and squeeze you tighter than a grizzly bear
I'm gonna stick like glue on you.
I've got something to tell you, That I think you ought to know, That my eyes are on you baby
In your hands my heart is clay, To take and hold as you may.
Love me tender, love me slow, never let me go. You have made my life complete, and I love you so.
Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can't help falling in love wiht you.
The first time ever I saw your face, I thought the sun rose in your eyes, And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave, To the dark and the empty skies
When a boy like me, meets a girl like you, Then I must believe wishes come true, I just look at you and I touch your hand, And this ordinary world becomes a wonderland
When I first saw you with your smile so tender, my heart was captured, my soul surrendered.
Where do you come from?, Tell me who you are?, Do you come from another world, Or from some distant star?
Won't you wear my ring up around your neck. To tell the world I'm yours by heck!
You look like an angel, walk like an angel, Talk like an angel, but I got wise, You're the devil in disguise!
You've got to follow that dream, wherever that dream may lead.
Damn girl you must be a strong magnetic field because you just induced a flow somewhere in me.
I hope you are not Anti-Telescopic, when it comes to....if you know what i mean.
Let's convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.
Let's take each other to the limit to see if we converge.
That dress would look even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.8 m/s^2
We're as compatible as two similar Power Macintosh's.
Excuse me ! do you know where’s Victoria's Secret outlet/shop in mall .. You look like one of their model!
I approached you, because you are my type of a woman. I really like you
Girl, you should not have covered your beautiful eyes behind those Versace sunglasses!
Hi, I'm a fashion photographer. Would you like to be in my next photo shoot?
I can’t lie: you are KILLIN’ it in those low-waisted shorts.
I work for fashion magazine, and I was wondering if I could interview you.
I'd like to be your math tutor for the night; add a bed, subtract your clothes, divide your legs and multiply!
Let play pretend, you will be a model and I will be your runway: You can be on top of me and work me all night.
My feelings for you are as tall as hundred-story bhurj khalifa.
let me buy you a drink and try to convince you that I’m not bad.
Those pants look nice on you. They'd look better at the end of my bed... after we developed a long, meaningful, mutually satisfying relationship. Obviously.
What magazines are you posing for?
You have a really, really pretty face that will go really well on the cover of magazine.
You have beautiful neck. Would you like a pearl necklace?
Your beautiful big eyes will make Kate Moss jealous.
I'm looking for Mrs. Right.
Are my undies showing? ["No."] "Would you like them to?"
I hear you're good at algebra.....Will you replace my eX without asking Y?
I know you think im sexy, I know you think im fine, but just like all the other girls  get a number and wait in line
I may not be Dairy prince, girl, but I'll treat you right!
Come with me, if you want to live
I'm trying to quit smoking, wanna give me a new oral fixation?
No ring? You should be someones wife.
That's a nice (insert accessory) you have, where did you get it?
You are prettier than your daughter.
You don't need car keys to drive me crazy.
You know what would make your face look better? (What?) My legs wrapped around it.
You look so young; I'm surprised you don't have any wrinkles.
You remind me of a Twinkie. Every time I bite into you, you cream in my mouth.
I'm dying to go to prom with you!
I'm so glad you "walked" into my life! Will you go to the Prom with me?
I've been practicing my moves for weeks. Care to help me test them out?
If I had a genie one of my 3 wishes would be that you were my princess Jasmine and you would go to Prom with me... I can show you the world. PROM?
Every KING needs his QUEEN. Will you go to the Prom with me?
It would be great if you went to PROM with me.
Now that I've "kissed" the ground you walk on, will you be my date to Prom?
Roses are red. violets are blue. Do me a favor and come with me to "PROM"
Roses are red. Violets are blue.You are my girl, And these flowers are for you. You come home in may, And I think it would be bomb To share such a special day, Will you go with me to Prom?
Since Aladdin already has his, will you be my princess for Prom?
So… I was wondering, would you like to dance with me?
You light up my world like nobody else & with you as my date I'd be overwhelmed!
I have a 10" ice cream cone baby, why don't you lick it?
I'm not here to play mind games. Except brain freeze.
It must be hot in here, because you're making me melt.
Would you like to come back to my place and eat ice cream and watch cartoon?
You must be a gelato, because you make ice creams look bad.
[Pick up a flower and walk over to girl.] I was just showing this flower how beautiful you are.
I’d love to preserve this moment.
I’ve never seen a Standard so big. Impressive.
If you were a berry, I would bottle you up as jam and enjoy you all winter long.
Let me show you my magic garden
Once I saw a flower and I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever; until I met you..
With great power comes great responsibility. That is why I choose not to Marilyn Monroe your skirt. I’m a gentleman.
Would you like to be served warm home baked bread with hand churned butter in the morning?
You’re like a sweet honeybee stinging my heart.
My two favorite letters of the alpabet E Z.
I LOVE to see you smile.
So do you like strawberries or chocolates? [choose one] cause i need to know what kind of pancakes to order on the date.
They call me Dr. Grape...The G is silent
Hey baby lets play a fruity game... I pop your cherry with my banana
Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?
If this were an artisan meat market, I would take you home for dinner.
You're like milk, I want to make you a part of my complete breakfast.
So what directory should I look for your heart's number?
There's something wrong wit your phone... my numbers not in it
Watch your step girl....don't want you to fall in love with someone else.
You know, you've got the prettiest teeth I've ever dreamed of coming across.
I'm not a big fan of your last name but don't worry, I can change that.
I would call you HONEY, but you are much sweeter than that.
Girl, you're more precious than Precious.
I need a girl who never leaves the bedroom and constantly wants me to pull her hair.
I like big eyes and I can not lie
Your smile could cure cancer.
Girl, you got more curves than a ferrari.
It's all about pleasing and not about teasing.
Hello, more than friends.
I'm still working on my approach, but I think I have a pretty good swing.
I've been playing golf all day and would love to make you my 19th hoe.
You look a little tense, but I can put you in the mood.
I'm not possessive, but I still want you to be mine.
Can you teach me how to use this app?
Did you hear the latest health report? It said you're supposed to increase your intake of vitamin ME.
Do you believe in love at first set? Or should I curl this barbell another 10 times?
Are you into fitness? How about fitting my thingy into your thingy?
Girl/Boy you make working out look good!!!!
If I tell you my dreams for you are bigger than my dreams for career, will you believe?
How'd you like to come back to my place and sit on my feet while I do sit-ups?
How'd you like to go on a long romantic walk on the treadmill?
I heard that the missionary position helps men to work out the chest and triceps... do you wanna help me verify this?
I hope your into yoga, cause your going to get a good stretch tonight.
I know a fun activity that can burn 500 calories an hour...
I may not be the best-looking guy in here, but I'm the only one who loves you more than himself.
I never do this, but I think you're cute and I got tired of waiting for you to talk to me.
Your sexy body is making other girls here look really bad.
I've got a 6 inch tongue and please teach me know how to use it.
You would be in great shape if your body could run like your mouth.
All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. And you are the girl of my dream.
Damn girl, you are the finest girl in class of ______.
Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.
I have been in love with you every day since day one in school.
If I look tired, it's because I've been studying you all night long.
If you can find a path with no obstacles,it probably doesn't lead anywhere.
If you ever need a compliment or a kidney call me.
Let’s play professor and student — you practice giving me a C, and I’ll practice crying at your office hours.
I'll scratch your mosquito bites if you'll scratch mine.
If you're scared of the demons you can always come sleep in my room.
Would you like to get together sometime next week. Let's have some drink and chat.
Would you like to have lunch together sometime?
I can go on forever; that's just how I'm designed.
But there's no line I wouldn't cross to be with you, my forbidden love.
It may be a shot in the dark, but I just discuss my feelings for you...
Every time I see you, I feel a tug at my heartstrings…
Let's watch the Tour de France together. We can live stream it in bed tomorrow morning.
Those eyes. That smile. That body. You're a Triple Crown winner.
My gold medal might be shiny but it looks like a dull penny compared to that sparkle in your eyes.
Hey girl. I won this gold medal, but I'd really like to win your heart.
Your Smile Shines Brighter Than a Gold Medal
Want to become my new personal best?
You must be good luck, we're playing well tonight
How do I find the trail that leads to your heart?
You must do hurdles, because it only took you seconds to jump into my heart
My jaw's been on the ground ever since I saw you on the court tonight.
If I scrub that crack, will you wash my rope?
Spread your legs and trust the rubber.
You look like a perfect 10 to me.
My heart rate's always up when I chat with you.
When it comes to love I am in it for the long run. Want to join me?
You can stop running after your dreams. I'm right here
Your glow looks great, I'm struggling to stay hydrated in this heat.
Mind taking those goggles off so I can see heaven?
Babe trust me the only time I'd play games with you is on the court.
Babe, you played a good match, but you and me are a PERFECT match.
Girl quit playing so defensive; I'm just trying  approach you.
Hey baby, when I call "love," I really mean it!
I'm tired of the singles action—how about we play some doubles?
You can score all the points tonight so I'll always be in love.
I think we can set something up in the near future.
I can think of an activity that'll make you sweat even more than a 90 minute hot yoga class...
That's a nice pair of yoga pants... can I talk you out of them?
Ever heard of happy ending? Want one?
I have a certificate to couple spa that expires tomorrow. I don't want to see it go waste. Will you go with me?
I just love the color of your pretty hair....can I pull it from behind?
I'm staying at the [hotel]. I heard they have a great spa service.
If all women have flawless skin like yours, spa will go out of business!
You are a natural. You look great with any hair style.
You have such nice eyes/hair – SO exotic.
You smell so delicious!
Is that your boyfriend? Because that’d throw a real wrench in my plans
I give you A plus for the outfit
Seeing your beautiful face makes my smile aggrandize.
You should not wear your designer hat, because it covers your beautiful face.
Is it just my dream or am I really getting lucky tonight?
It's your lucky night. My semen is worth millions.
My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the racetrack. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?
Never tell me the odds, I know a winner when I see one.
That's right, girl. I'd like to have a stable relationship with you.
Where are you sitting? Because I want to put my lawn chair next to yours.
Women are usually impressed when I tell them I have a giant horse cock.
Would you like to spend an afternoon in the lake with me?

I don't exactly know what I am required to say in order for you to have intercourse with me.
I find you attractive. Your aggressive moves toward me... indicate that you feel the same way. But still, ritual requires that we continue with a number of platonic activities...before we have sex. I am proceeding with these activities, but in point of actual fact, all I really want to do is have intercourse with you as soon as possible.

I don't think you're an idiot at all. I mean, there are elements of the ridiculous about you. Your mother's pretty interesting. And you really are an appallingly bad public speaker. And, um, you tend to let whatever's in your head come out of your mouth without much consideration of the consequences...but the thing is, um, what I'm trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you, very much. Just as you are.

Catch me, and I'll never look at another.
I have crossed oceans of time to find you.
You're prettier than I am.
You make my heart skip a beat.
I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.
Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?
Today, I consider myself the luckiest man
You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our brains, I think we only use 10 percent of our hearts.
We should go practice never letting go.
When I get sad, I stop being sad.. and I be awesome instead. True Story.
It’s not about scoring. It’s about believing you can do it, even though you probably can’t.
To succeed you have to stop being ordinary.
There are so many things to do with the human mouth. Why waste it on talking?
I know you must be a Goddess, because I can swear you've been living in my heart.
I need to break my fast, Can I have a date
We are the reincarnated souls of two past lovers. It's our destiny to be together, you just don't Remember our past life together.
Girl are you 1A1? Cause you are the 1 who is A1
Every day with you is like a honeymoon.
I used to waste time chasing butterflies , but nowadays because of you, I have them in my stomach.
I will be happy to bite you.
I’m the flower, you’re the bee. Why don’t you suck the sweet pollen right out of me?
So what do you say later on we go out for some coffee table?
What is the difference between me and mosquito? A mosquito will stop sucking once you slap it.
You're like a butterfly beautiful to see but hard to catch.
Your like a bright light and im like a bug, because im so darn attracted to you.
Are you going to schedule a meeting with me, or do I have to lie to my diary?
Can I take your picture to prove to my friends that perfection does exist?
Good thing I just bought life insurance, because I saw you and my heart stopped!
Movie stars give thousands of signatures a day. All I’m asking for is just one from you.
"Which do you prefer?" a good looking flirt or a simple looking sweetheart !?
I was wrong about you."Yeah, how so?" I thought Christmas only comes once a year.
Is there something I can do for you?
I can't resist looking you. Every time I do, you look at me as if you hadn't seen me in years. Makes me feel reborn.
Whatever I am...Whatever is left of me, I'm yours.
You look way prettier in person than through your webcam.
You're free Friday. Would you like to have dinner?
Don't be so cold, we could be fire.
Don't need these other pretty faces like I need you, and when you're mine, in the world there's gonna be one less lonely girl.
Don't shed a tear. Whenever you need me, I'll be here (I'll never let you go).
Everything about you girl is so fabulous
Girl, someday,  come a bit closer. Look in my eyes. Searching is so wrong. I'm Mr. Right.
I can be a gentleman, anything you want. If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go, never let you go.
I don't need nothing else. I promise girl, I swear. I just need somebody to love.
I will never say never! I will fight till forever! (make it right) Whenever you knock me down,  I will not stay on the ground
If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go, I can take you places you ain't never been before.
If you need me, I'll come running from a thousand miles away. When you smile I smile
I can't swim on my own. It's too much. Feels like I'm drowning without your love. So throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver.
In my head, we're already together.
It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven
Life's too long, and this love's too strong. So, baby, know for sure that I'll never let you go.

I just can't believe we ain't together. I'm in pieces, baby fix me. And just shake me 'til you wake me from this bad dream. I'm going down, down, down, down. And I just can't believe my true love won't be around.

Oh, I can't help it, I'm just selfish/ There's no way that I could share you/ That would break my heart to pieces/ Honestly the truth is…/ If I could just die in your arms/ I wouldn't mind.

So crazy is this thing we call love. And now that we've got it, we just can't give up.
So don't fear. Don't you worry about a thing. I am here, by you (I'll never let you go).
There's a dream that I've been chasing. Want so badly for it to be reality.
You're beautiful, you know it, I think it's time you show it.
I may not be good looking, but I'm ranked Top 20 in the country
If lights would turn off everytime I would think of you, Las Vegas would soon be pretty dark.
Can I help you do your laundry?
Nice bed sheets. Can I sleep on this tonight?
Hey Girl! I’m a lawyer call me when u want to get a divorce.
I can lighten your burden
I’ve got a feeling you’re about to become my Precious.
Love is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to.
A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.
A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.
I knew exactly how Walt Disney’s Aladdin felt when she found her Jasmine. I've the feeling
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.
Today, when I look into your eyes, my love for you grows. It’s even stronger now.
Before we met, I was as lost as a person could be and yet you saw something in me that somehow gave me direction again.
Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
For you see, each day I love you more 
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
Forever is a measure of time used by people who share an ordinary love. My extraordinary love is immeasurable.
To get the full value of joy, you must have somebody to divide it with.
Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.
I do love nothing in the world so much as you.
Life with you makes perfect sense. You’re my best friend.
I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.
I fell for you but you didn't catch me. I still fall for you everyday. I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you. I want you for always…days, years, eternities.
I wish there was a word more than ‘love’ itself to convey what I feel for you.
I’m feeling alive and with every breath that I take, I feel like I’ve won. You’re my key to survival.
If equal affection cannot be, Let the more loving one be me.
If I had to choose between breathing or loving you, I would say "I love you" with my last breath!
If I know what love is, it is because of you.
If my love was an ocean, it would take two planes to cross it.
If nostalgia was white and passion was black, my love for you would be a little chessboard
If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
If you were ice cream and I were hot chocolate I’d pour all my love onto you.
In a relationship, each partner is to be an encourager rather than a critic, a forgiver rather than a collector of hurts, and enabler rather than a reformer.
In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities no limitations.
In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing.
It is love that makes impossible possible.
It’s not my fault I fell in love. You are the one that tripped me.
Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.
Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.
Love is a sensation, caused by a temptation, to feel penetration. a guy sticks his location in a girl's destination, to increase the population for the next generation.
Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.
Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.
Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only lovers will leave a footprint on your heart. And you my dear have left one great leap on mine!
Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.
My love for you is like the universe…neverending!!
Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.
Real love stories never have endings.
Sexiness wears thin after a while, and beauty fades. But to be married to a man who makes you smile every day, now that’s a real treat.
The beauty of relationship is not always seen from the very beginning…but rather as love grows and develops over time.
The greatest relationships are built on teamwork. A mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.
The highest happiness on earth for me is you. You're my happiness.
The way you love me, the way you touch my life, I wish the journey, should never end till I die. thanks for making the days special in my life.
There is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect marriage. But the one I have is perfect for me.
To find someone who will love you for no reason, that is the ultimate happiness.
We are all a little weird and, life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.
We're like a 4-Leaf clover. You're the C and I'm the R, and there's love in between us.
When two people are connected at heart, it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers.
When you look for the right person, you always end up with the wrong one.
You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known – and even that is an understatement.
You are a wonderful example of love, relation and family oriented person.
You know when you have found your princess because you not only have a smile on your face, but in your heart as well.
You make me happier than I ever thought I could be, and if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way.
Let's sexercise.
Look, I want to tell you something and I hope you understand it comes from the bottom of my damaged, damaged heart. i love u
When God closes a door, he opens a dress.
Are you're free this Friday? Would you like to have dinner or do I have to murder your cat?
Baby you are so fine, I want to kipnap and smuggle you to my private villa.
Girl, I can't wait to extort you.
Hey baby, I'd do anything to get with you... like stealing your boyfriend's identity.
I've waited so long for you to be mine!
My love for you is more than family.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I want to tattoo your name on my arm.
What can I do to earn your love?  tell me how win ur heart.
Whatever I am...Whatever is left of me, I'm yours.
You can be my Capo di tutti capi anytime. (Boss of bosses)
Youse da greatest.Youse da best. But you're untouchable.
I'll guard you with all my heart
I’m gonna make you hit a high note.
What if I say, I'm not like the others.
C'mon, sweetie...Didn't your mother ever tell you? A cleric a day keeps the black plague away.
Is that a knife in your armor? Or are you just happy to see me?
You're as intelligent as you are beautiful
I am multi-talented! I can talk, annoy and irritate you all at the same time!
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
You say I'm dirty minded... but how did you understand what I meant?
You're one in a million.
Uncle Sam ain't the only one who wants you.
A date with me is a temple and you have a recommend.
Are you an angel? Because whenever I'm around you I strongly feel the spirit.
You look like my first wife.[ Really? How many wives have you had?] None
Oh good! Now I can break my fast. [Why?] Because I see the answer to my prayers.
My mission is to lodge in your heart
I had a revelation-We knew each other in the pre-existence. We were destined to be together.
I just received a message from the Holy Spirit that you are supposed to be my wife.
Is the spirit telling you what it's telling me?
You garnish MY thoughts unceasingly
The only thing standing between you and me is your fear.
Are you an antiques collector? Because I have some junk that hasn't been touched in years.
Hey girl I see a Future with me and you.
I know you don't accept offers but will you make an exception for my heart?
I love anatomy...especially yours.
I’d be pretty blue if I couldn’t get your phone number.
You’re too beautiful to handle.
I find your smile absolutely intriguing.
If I were a painter, I'd put you down in paint. I'd hang you by the Mona Lisa and put that girl to shame.
If I were an art critic, I'd give you a ravishing review.
See that car? I'd buy it for you if I had a million dollars.
Sorry for staring, I thought your face was a work of art.
The shade of black you are waering really brings out your beauty.
You must be a piece of art, because I'd like to hang you up and nail you to the wall.
You’re an artist? I'd let you draw me naked anytime.
I know where to blow and where to put my hands and fingers on the right place.
Let's make some sweet music together, honey.
Good boys like me deserve more than just friends.
My guitar teacher says my fingering is good, especially on the G-string
I C Major potential in us getting together.
Baby I want to bang you as hard as I bang the keys of my piano
How about you give me some piano lessons? We could play all night and make some sweet music.
Can I have your mommy's phone number? so i can tell her ur daughter is such a angel.
Can I have your number so I can wake you up instead of ur daily alarm?
Hey girl, I just saw the moon in your eyes... Eid Mubarak.
Hey girl, I think I'm sick, but god created a cure: YOU.
We're allowed to marry four...but I don't think that's necessary because you're a 10.
I love the way your personality shines when you walk.
I want your feet to be my kid's jannah.
I'd fast for a lifetime just to have one iftar with you.
I've had to fast every week since the first time I saw you.
It must be Laylatul Qadr, because that's the night that angels come down from Heaven.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. You're so halal. Can I nikkah you?
Wanna pray in temple? Shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet?
You can be the queeen of my empire anyday.
I can walk around you all day long.
Hey girl, I'd swim across the ocean just to see you smile.
I may have a false start. But results will surely good.
I'm going for the silver, because I'll make sure you come first.
I'm Hungary for your kisses!
If we raced, I would let you win, so I could get a good view from the back
If you got out with me, I can get you Michael Phelps' phone number.
I think we can set something up in the near future.
What do you say we get out of here and do some rhythmic gymnastics?
When I'm done with you, you'll finish like the fireworks at the opening ceremony!
Why play tennis when we can use the table for other things?
You're better than the Summer Olympics, you were worth waiting a whole lifetime for
Can we just take a moment to celebrate me?
I'm like a Christmas tree, you never know what you're going to get!
I'm looking at you looking at me being so naughty.
It's a weird life, but it's where I'm at right now.
Let me put my money in your douchebag jar.
Open your cellar doors, and let me taste your jams.
Well. I guess I can't hide my craziness.
Where did all that hair come from? You're a lioness!
You don't know it yet, but you're my love.
You don't need to hire a plumber to take care of your plumbing. I got this.
I got hurt, that doesn't mean i stop trying.
I don't care if i lost my first chance. I got hurt, that doesn't mean i stop trying.
You might give my nipples that purpose they've been looking for.
You're so cute, you might make me leave my girlfriend.
Can I get your number so I can text you morning kisses?
Do you know it's unlucky to be so good looking and not have anyone to kiss at midnight?
Got anyone to kiss at midnight?
Hi, I'm Mr. Right. I heard you were waiting for me.
Looks like we're the only ones still standing... let's get out of here!
Wanna ring in the New Year with a bang?
Damn baby, you're so soft down there, feels like rabbit skin
Don't worry, nobody's here
I can see your soul through your beautiful choke cherry eyes.
I won't steal your land, but I will steal your heart!
I'd cross every rez, even trade my best horse and fight all your brothers and cousins just to take you out on a date!
I've been on many hunting trips you know, and by far you're the best catch
If I were a chief, you would be my personal assistant
Saw you sleeping on the ground like Pocahontas.
The first time I saw you was like first time winning the jackpot at bingo: unforgettable
When my grandfather saw you, he said heya heya hot stuff, I knew I had to snag you right there
Honey is twice as sweet as white sugar, but it’s still not as sweet as you.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours - vitamin D levels that is.
Listen. I don't like to talk bad about anybody behind their back, but you don't want to get with that dude.
Why don't you come over to my place tonight and show me how you make beef jerky?
Apply me to your sensitive area. (pharmacy)
I will Medicare for you all night.
Go out with me and let me take your nightmares away.
I'll make sure all your pains go away when we're together.
Put out hand "Can you hold this while I go for a walk?
If I were to ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?
This is seriously the cutest thing I've seen all day.
If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?
You're so beautiful I forgot my pickup line
You're so fine I would drink your bath water
My magic watch says you're not wearing any underwear? [If the person you are saying this to says they are wearing underwear say] Oh, I guess my watch is 15 minutes fast.
Do you have a mirror on your pants? Because I can see myself in them ;)
Your eyes are so big that I wonder if you ever find bug flying into them.
With all due respect, if we were the last two people on earth, I wouldn't mind repopulating the planet with you.
I WISH I was that smart. I'm just normal
My friends think we'd be cute together.
Hi i'm nomoregamimg, my two favourite things are commitment and changing myself.
I see u r drinking 1%. Is that because u think u r fat? u r not! U could be drinking whole if you wanted to.
Girl, would u date me? if u say no i was just kidding!
Do you have a pen? Good, write down my phone number.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like this?
Isn’t this magical?
It’s like we’ve already said ‘hi’.
Would you like to fill out a survey?
Hey this isn’t what I ordered. I ordered a Big Mac, a fry, and a date with you!
Lemme hold dat hand.
I’m sorry. I should have been there to catch you.
What do you think about this couple?   (sets phone to selfie mode)
I used to date her; do you mind if I put my arm around you to make her jealous?
I’ll never treat you the way he does. You need to dump Douchebag and go out with me.
If I hold your hand, will I get slapped?
Your voice is my favouite sound.
Before you were mine, everything was grayscale, but now I see the world
Future generations will speak of our romance.
My heart was still like a .jpg. When you entered the room, it was as animated as a .gif. I want everything to be as transparent as a .png between us.
Sorry for staring, I thought your face was a work of art. May I capture it with my camera?
Let me create the 8th sea in yerr undies!
I've sailed the seven seas, and you're the sleekest personality I've ever sighted.
Wanna take a ride in my crows nest?
You can lock me in your heart, baby. and can throw the key away.
Let's play pretend!
Of course there's lots of single in the city, but you're the only one I'd love to meet.
Should I tell my babysitter I'm going to be home late?
We should hang out sometime.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of my bed.
Stop! Don't you know it is illegal to look that fine?
Can I swim in your eyes on a hot summer day?
Damn girl! You  look extra fine with that glowing skin.
Girl you are so fine! I wouldn’t even care if you were a Terminator. You could kill me with those sexy red eyes.
Hey baby, the sun isn't the only thing that rises. if  you know what i mean. good morning
Some bad days can't keep us apart.
Hey little princess. I’m just doing squats on the beach and need someone to come count them.
I must be lost... because I see paradise.
If someone throws sharks in the water, I'll save you first.
I sure wish I were that towel you’re using.
You should go in the water, cuz you're so hot you're on fire!
Your eyes are like a sunset, They're Beautiful  and hard to turn away from.
It’s funny that we would meet here like this. It must be fate.
Didn’t you say “If I was the last man on earth”? Looks like we’re getting pretty close.
Hopefully the world doesn't end today because I think you might just be my reason to live.
I couldn't imagine spending my last hours on earth with anyone other than you.
If I could just die in your arms/ I wouldn't mind.
I love you more than non-perishable food items.
I promise to love, honor and cherish you until the end of the time.
I'd bang you like a screen door during that tsunami.
I'm pretty scared that the end of the world is coming, especially since I haven't even gotten your number yet.
I'm even more afraid of losing you than I am of what we're going to have to do when the food rations run out during the flood.
If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me and then let me eat it?
Suppose If the world ends tonight, can I be in your end?
Well, your brain is pretty much the only part of you I'm not interested in.
The earthquake was in Virginia today, but it could be in your bedroom tonight.
This weekend let's do to our bodies what Godzilla does to Tokyo.
Trust me, you will NOT regret it in the morning.
When I'm with you, I feel like we're the only two people in the world
When you are gone, I miss you more than  you'll ever know, more than words can say.
You are so funny you almost make me forget. Almost.
You are the prettiest girl I’ve seen in a long time.
You didn't feel the earthquake today? That's OK, let's go home and I'll shake you all night long.
You don't have to worry about getting pregnant.
You make me feel even safer than my  inherited  fortune.
You’ve stolen my heart. Can I have it back?
Let me lick ya before I stick ya.
Do you want to go to the post office with me? We can stand in line and chat for hours.
We would go great together like envelope and letter.
Hey beautiful, have you ever been kissed by a beast? Allow me to demonstrate.
My, my you are a special find.
What's your favorite move? Mine is LICK.
You could melt an iceman's heart.
You make me horny.
A look from you leaves me paralyzed.
A look from you gives me butterflies.
I'm gonna rock your world!
If you reject me, you will send me on a trail of tears.
Let me be the first commander-in-chief of your heart.
Let's heat up this Cold War.
All three levels of my psyche reached top, we need to start dating.
You leave me speechless.
Are you real, or are you a delusion? Either way, you're really hot!
Baby you're so beautiful…I can't break down my thoughts and behavior around you, i can't help not experiencing you as a whole.
Damn Baby! you just made my afferent neurons buzz with excitement.
Do come lay on my couch… With me.
I've got a great psychoanalysis couch back home, care to try it out?
Forget self-care. I'm here to make it all better.
Hey girl can I get your number in my Long Term memory?
I'll be a prisoner, you be a guard. Abuse me!
I'm conducting an experiment, wanna come spend the night over so i can interpret your dreams?
I'm not feeling myself today, can I feel you?
Let me show you a relaxation technique
Mind if I put my cigar in your ashtray?
My unconscious mind is urging me to talk to you.
When you fell from love, did it leave you with any lasting emotional scars?
You are the greatest perception of my heart's delusion!
You know what, a few minutes of probing on my couch and you'd be a completely different woman!
During turbulence: Don't worry, I'll hold you.
I have a car picking me up — need a lift?
I won't mind if you cuddle with me in your sleep.
Want to share my dessert?
I have a car picking me up — need a lift?
When you sleep, you look like an angel.
Airplane food is always so terrible, so I always pack my own food. Want one of these chocolate covered strawberries?
If you were a TSA agent at airport, I would be happy to get a body scan.
I am going to ask you out in … two … minutes.
I've been waiting for a girl like you my whole life.
Let's get out of here.
Watch the empty space where my heart used to be before you STOLE IT, you thief of the heart.
Girl, if you wanted I can be your umbrella in the storm.
When you don't text me back, I sometimes go into a tropical depression.
I got a storm in my pants, want one in yours?
If a kiss was a raindrop I would send you a Thunderstorm!
If there a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I have been searching for!
If you think that's impressive, you should see how many inches I just accumulated in my pants.
If you want I can help you tape your windows, but I can't guarantee things won't still get wet.
Let's get you out of those bloody clothes.
No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.
The storm is going to cause serious flooding, ever done it underwater?
I am very rich and let's go spend some money, honey.
I'm not getting older, I'm just getting bolder in bed.
In my world money doesn't talk, it swears.
My kids can speak 5 languages and I can orgasm in 6.
Want to squeeze my lemons? I promise they're delicious.
Hello my sexy single neighbor. Would you like to "Combination"?
Home is not a place. It's a feeling. I can give you both.
I would like to  take our relationship further and faster.
I'm an appraiser and I'm here to tell you – you are priceless.
Talking to you makes me feel like a first time homebuyer – nervous and excited.
Wanna talk about our Private Mortgage Insurance?
What a beautiful staging. I want to bang you on every piece of furniture.
With a frame and facade like that, you’re Class A in my book!
You be my #1 client, and I’ll always respond to your requests and keep satisfaction high.
You must have many tenants… because you had no trouble attracting me.
I HOPE you CHANGE your mind and give me a 2nd chance! You won’t be disappointed. Have I ever lied to you?
I want ot be near your vagina so much, I'll write laws about it.
I'm white, you're white - it can't just be coincidence!
If I had to choose between having a Republican President in the White House, or never being able to see your cleavage again, I'd be confused.
I haven't gotten laid in 4 years, 3 months, and 12 days, plus-or-minus 2 days. Would you care to check my error bars?
I'll deep-clean your systems!
Let's lose ourselves in some mindless repetitive tasks.... if you know what I mean.
My scanners detected high amounts of sexyness in this quadrant, and I think I have found the source.
Are you full of Beryllium, Gold, and Titanium, because you are Be-Au-Ti-Ful
Baby, I can feel an attraction between you and me, and it's more than just our universal gravitation...
I was lost in space until I saw YOU!
Your clothes. Give them to me. Now.
diamond are not more pure than she
I am as mute as night
I am proud to have you
I would not wish any companion in the world but you.
I’ll bath my lips in rosy dews of kisses. Don't Worry, Baby, I Won't Bite
I’ll chronicle your virtues
I’ll pay the tribute of my love to you
If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down.
O I shall rob you of too much sweetness
She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is woman, and therefore to be won.
You wrap me up in wonder
You, like a comet, do attract all eyes
You seem sweet and way too fancy for me.
Hey baby, why don't you meet me at the Starbucks? No, the other one. No, not that one, the other one... no, the one on the second floor. No, not that one on the second floor the other one... never mind, I'm sorry I bothered you.
Hey I need a female opinion- what do you think would look better on me, this or this?
I just tossed a penny into the fountain, want to make my wish come true?
Don't smile. Because if you smile then everything about you will be perfect and I will fall in love instantly.
Everytime I see you my heart smiles.
Yeah, you're the woman with the million dollar smile.
Hey, I wanted to tell you...that smile of yours drives me crazy.
I love your smile. It reminds me the smile of the person whom I want to marry someday.
I'd smile and wink at you even if it didn't humanize me.
If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder, hold you close to me and answer with a smile, "Like this."
Our smiles should touch now.
Smile if you're happy & want wild and crazy sex! Don't smile if you just want wild and crazy sex.
Computer techs have skilled fingers if you know what I mean.
I take romance to a new level—I don’t cuddle, I hibernate. I'd like to hibermate with you.
Every breath you take  Every move you make  Every smile you make  Every step you take Me watching you
Hey, I've never met you, and this is crazy, but I stole your number
Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been watching you for a looooong time
I couldn't help but read your sad status yesterday & I think I can be that kind of man for you!
I know this is a little straight forward, but I feel like I already know everything about you.
I was going through your timeline and thought maybe we could be together! and noticed you like cat too!
I know about pain and suffering and being cold. I'd never cheat on you like your boyfriend does with your BFF
I will ALWAYS have my eyes on you, darling...! My love for you is unconstitutional.
I'm so honored to meet you. I'm kind of a big fan, I've read all of your posts.
Where have you been? I've been waiting for you . . . to take care of me, personally.
I understand you so much better than the guy you're with now.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a hell life like this?
This current is so strong, who knows where it will take us.
You can melt my heart with just a look.
My name is War Machine, but the only war I fight is my love for you
Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend, No way, no way, I think you need a new one! Hey, hey, you, you, I could be your girlfriend (Girlfriend)
Beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasin', but my time would be wasted 'cause they got nothin' on you. (Nothin' on You)
If perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same.
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but can I get your number, and call you maybe?
I saw you from across the room, and I got to admit it that you got my attention. You making me want to say yo
I may not be in love. But let me tell you I'm in heat.
Girl you ain't the only one that's trying to be the only one
I got my eyes on you. You're everything that I see.
What's a star when it's most important fan is missing?
Some people call it a one night stand, but we can call it paradise.
Let's remove the space between me and you.
Well do ya? Do you want to go where I've never let you before?
How the hell do I approach such a precious dream? … You got me feeling like I'm choking on a wedding ring and I ain't even made an introduction yet or anything.
 I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you every inch of my love, gonna give you my love.
Every rose has its thorne, so let me be that thorn baby.
I didn't wanna pressure U, baby/ but all I ever wanted 2 do/ I wanna be your lover.
I just want your extra time and your kiss.
If I was your girlfriend/ would you let me dress you?/ I mean, help you pick out your clothes before we got out?
It's hard 4 me 2 say what's right/ when all I wanna do is wrong.
There's something about u, baby/ it happens all the time/ whenever I'm around u, baby/ I get a dirty mind.
Your words make you more kissable. I want us indivisible.
Can I buy you a drink? I'm more normal than you think! In reality, I have a decent personality
I'd like to hang out with you for my whole life
In my dreams you're touching my face.
Somebody told me that you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend.
I am gonna do anything to get an A.
I didn’t know angels were allowed in public schools.
Come with me if you want to live.
I will travel back in time for you even if I have to risk my life.
I would reshape the future by changing the past, so we will be together.
Let's play pretend. You will be John Conner and I will be T-1000. I will chase you forever unless you melted my heart.
Most guys would say see you later, but the chances of me seeing you again are very slim so let’s get married.
This may sound like a pick up line, but you might die without me. Literally!
We owe it to our loved ones to re-populate the earth. Think about our future before you say no.
You know I am made of "mimetic polyalloy" which means I can deform and take any shape you want me to.
Can you keep a secret? Do you wanna know a secret? I'm in love with you.
Even The holy spirits think that we should "Come Together." "Right now."
Hold me tight dear Prudence and I promise to send all my loving to you.
How could I dance with another. When I saw you standing there.
I Got to Get You Into My Life.I wanna hold your hand. I Wanna Be Your Man. I wanna grow old together. I will stay with you until I'm sixty-four!
I'll come through your bathroom window.
I'll make love to you if you want me to.
Just remember girl! All you need is love, so lemme love you! Let me into your heart. Don't make the same mistake again by looking someone other.
Money can't buy me love but it can buy you a drink
Roses are red,  Violet are blue. What would you do  If I fell in love with you?
There is something in the way you move that attracts me to you, girl!
Wanna feel my finger on your trigger?
You know you twist so fine. Come on and twist a little closer, now. And let me know that you're mine
Your lips are sweet. I'd like to kiss them.
[Ask a woman for the time]. Thanks I just wanted to be able to remember the exact moment that I met you.
Can I adjust your body clock?
Do you have the time? [Gives the time] No, the time to write down my number?
I lost an hour of time looking your pictures. Can I borrow one of yours?
I'm a fotune teller and I predict that in about two minutes your going to be snogging me
That's a nice watch. [Thank you] Actually, that's a nice dress. [Again, thank you] Come to think of it, everything is nice on you.
I'd be your Prince Charming if you be my Tinderella
I've had a crush on you for 2 hours.
Is your personality as angelic as your beauty?
We're a match! The next step is to pick a  date, right?
Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
I hope you know that I am 100% committed to this relationship
I know I dont have a chance, but I just wanted to hear Twitter angel talk.
I may not be a genie, but I can make your tweets come true!
I usually don't follow someone on the first night, but for you I'll make an exception.
I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth tonight
Oh can't you see, how your tweets please me. Every breath you take, every tweet you make, I'll be following you.
Thankyou  'thank you for your mother' for giving birth to something as gorgeous as you.
Who cares about celebrities? You're the only star in my twitterverse.
What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl on Twitter?
You are so wonderful, I'd "follow" you anywhere: from the desert to the sea... to a dark alleyway in the middle of the night.
You make me believe in love at first sight!
Your tweets look so lonely…. Would they like to meet mine?
Every breath you take... every tweet you make... I'll be following you.
How are you feeling? Oh, wait, don't tell me … let me guess.
I can feel the love tonight … wanna share?
I hear hell isn't bad if you get to keep an angel with you- could I take you with me?
I know exactly how you feel. Wanna know how I feel?
I'll do whatever you want.
I've learned a lot over the decade, but I'd give it all up for your smile.
I've never tasted human blood but I don't mind their other bodily fluids.
If you need a love doctor, I have a  degree.
My sister is psychic, and she had a vision of you giving me your number.
So…did you ever hear the saying ‘everything's bigger in me'? It's true. Everything is bigger here.
The name is Cullen. Carlisle Cullen, but I like to be known as Dr. Love.
The only thing "civil" about me is the war I fought in to get between your bedsheets.
Wanna cuddle? I'll be your teddy bear.
You can show me anything, I am a doctor after all.
You're really pretty when you sleep. I know this because I watched you last night through your window.
Do you need a leg massage since you've been running  all day?
Hey girl, I'd love to eat your brains out
Hi, I'm a zombie. Mind if I take a bite out of you?
I lost all my children now, want to create some new ones?
I wanna eat you out
I want to invest all my time with getting to know you.
If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head in the guard tower?
If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me and then let me eat it?
Man it's hot in Atlanta, we should get naked.
My jacket has angel wings on the back. I've been sent down from heaven to protect you.
My wife just turned into a zombie. So….I'm single now.
Sweetie, you got everything: brains, body and the beauty.
Who's your zombie? i mean boyfriend.
I love a girl with brains, but not in the zombie way.
Do you have a little zombie in you?...Would you like to?
You've stolen my heart. No, seriously. Can I have it back?
You remind me of my ex, so I'm gonna rip your heart out
I think we both are alone now.
I've had a crush on you for four weeks and five days.
Wanna share a bowl of ice cream?
You are definately better than Hannah Montana.
You flatten me.
Do you wanna eat a box of chocolates or me?
Going on a date with me is WAY better than eating a bag of those weird, chalky heart candies with sayings on them.
The only sweet I want for Valentine's Day is a cutie pie like you!
I may be a vegan, but I want your meat.
Yous is the only meat I will ever put in my body.
Can I borrow a micro-kiss? I promise I'll give it right back with a lot of interest.
You got me starving for your attention.
Have you ever considered making a difference in other people's life? Well you already did to my life.
Hey baby, I like my women like I like my anthropology. Thick and cultural.
Hey, girl. I'm Mr. Human Right. Someone said you were looking for me?
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others.
We must be a perfect match. You love to serve, and I love to be served...
What's your favourite position when you're out in the field? Reverse Consultant or Missionary? How about Emancipatory Style?
You must be a hurricane, because you just swept me off my feet.
 I'd die a million deaths if it meant I could be with you.
I'm like an Xbox; I can go 360 all night long
I can unlock your Wonderland.
I have never found true love, until you opened the Kingdom to my Heart.
Hey, I’ve never eaten here before. What do you all recommend?
My idiot friend thinks you’re cute. I told him he was wrong—you’re gorgeous.
I would really like to learn ___________. Can you be my tutor? What is your number?
I always knew the best catch of my life would be on this river... (Fishing)
We could make BEAUTIFUL fish together
Can you call a lifeguard? Because I'm drowning in your eyes...
Here's a fun game, you be the Titanic and I'll be the iceberg hitting on you.
10 bucks if you can find which part of my body is the warmest.
Can you hold my gloves for a minute? I usually warm them by the fireplace, but you are way hotter.
Every love story is beautiful, but ours will be my favorite.
Hey DJ, how about you quit playing shitty Thriller remixes and come make out with me?
I actually fell for you before I even realized I did.
I asked my friend to introduce us, but she says she doesn't know you.
I heard that you have tattoos and you do squats... let me put a ring on your finger.
I like you. Can we have sexy time?
I want to get married once. No divorce and cheating, just us two till the end.
I won't give my heart to anyone, but if you're brave enough you can try to streal it.
I'm single and desolate. Can you help me?
If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?
One day we'll get married, watch bike racing and football and then you can suck my d**k and make me sandwiches, you'll love it.
The only thing ‘fun size’ about me is my Snickers. The candy bar. I’m talking about the candy bar here.
We'd make some cute/beautiful babies.
Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?
You can make me the third happiest person on board, after the bride and groom.
You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our brains? I think we only use 10 percent of our hearts.
Let's celebrate 4/20 like it is new years.
Meet you at four-twenty.
I'm new in town, where's the best place to taste some really good local food?
If I tasted you, I'd roll you around with my tongue for hours.
If I was going to name a bottle of wine, I'd name it after you.
May I taste the wine from your lips?
The best way to taste this wine is from my lips.
The way you look at me is making me turn as red as that glass of wine, please don't stop.
Whenever I think of finer things in life, I think of exotic cars, fine wine and you.
You are like a bottle of fine wine. I want to take my time sipping and smelling you.
Your lips are like wine and I want to get drunk.
Call me cm punk because at the end of the night I'm going make you scream BEST IN THE WORLD!
Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?
Hi, you may have heard of me. I'm the undie-taker.
I always liked you… but I never told anyone.
Let us bury ourselves deep into each other's eyes…
Look girl, normally when you have sex with someone you have a 50/50 chance of being satisfied, but I'm a genetic FREAK and I'm not normal, so with me you have a 141 and 2/3s chance of being satisfied.
Wanna come back to my place and yell "NO!" while I yell "YES!"?
You know, I lost my smile, but I think you could help me find it.
You wanna go Belly-to-Belly or Belly-to-Back?
Every muscle in your body is beautiful.
Hey maybe you can give me a private lesson sometime?
I meditate about you. Will you do the same too?
I want to see you do yoga. Can I watch you?
I want to stretch with you.
What is your favorite yoga pose? Can you demonstrate it in bed?
Why don't we get naked and really get in touch with ourselves?
Why don't we try these positions in bed?
Here's my number, call me when you need a few bucks.
How about me and you go play, I'll be the cowboy and you can be my horse, that way I get to ride you all day!
I must say girls with tattoos and heels make me bite my lip and want to do dirty things!
Oh, baby, when I'm around you I can't think straight.
That's right, Girl. I'd like to have a stable relationship with you.
Any chance you’d be interested in drilling down with me?
Are you good with Excel? Then you must be good at spreadsheets.
Are you interested in managing my account?
Baby, you can give me a call-to-action anytime.
Don’t feel like you have to go this alone, we can tag team.
I don’t need to look at more data. What I’m feeling with you is already statistically significant.
If I told you you had a nice pipeline, would you hold it against me?
If we went on a date, what do you think our profit and loss would be?
Instead of all these policies and procedures, let’s visit the idea of free will.
Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.
You could spam me all night and I still wouldn’t unsubscribe.
Your methodology is so smooth and deliberate.
your love makes me feel like my hearts trying to hug my brain
There's a banana stand in my pants.
Angel, when I look into the future, all I see is you! All I want is you.
Ouch! My tooth hurts..it's because you're so sweet.
Hurry up and write your number down before I don't want it no more
Hey girl!! Why don't you stand up and wrap your arms around a REAL man?
C'mon man, just take 'em off, just take 'em off and we'll have some fun.
Oh there is plenty of fish in the sea, but only one [name].
Your world won't be easier if I did not come back.
You'd better be a cardiologist, because something about you makes me want to give you my heart.
I think you're totally ah-mah-zing!
I'm Earl Kinsella and I have a lot to offer
This might sound crazy, but I just had a flash-forward to us falling in love and getting married.
Baby we must be a perfect match, because you are in all my plans.
You can call me Sophie Devereaux. Because I'm the greatest actress.. when I am stealing your heart.
Are you single? Because I'd love to start a non-nuclear family with you.
You changed me for the better in a hundred different ways.
I am filled with so much love for you my heart might explode.
I don't let anything get in the way of what I want. And I want you.
I'll hack my way into your heart.
I’d go to hell and back just to be with you.
I can make you go crazy with only one touch.
I don't wanna blink, 'cause I'm afraid to miss even a second of your cuteness.
I’m just admiring you. It’s impressive how you’ve handled everything.
Your freedom is worth more than anything that diamond could buy.
Are you Willy Wonka's daughter, Because you look sweet and delicious.
Can I tie your shoe? Because I can't have you fall for anyone else.
I thought diamonds were pretty until I laid my eyes on you!
Do you have a name or can I call you mine?
I want to erase your past and write our future.
Do you know what'd look good on you? Me.
Do you like short love affairs? I hate them - I've got all weekend.
Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, it’s just a sparkle.
Excuse me, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?
Guess what I'm wearing? The smile you gave me.
Hello are you married? [Yes] Well I didn’t hear you say “happily”.
Hey how many boyfriends have you had? (Like 10 I Think) Could I Make That 11?
I didn’t believed in heaven, until I saw you.
I know I don't have a chance, but I just wanted to hear an angel speak.
I know somebody who likes you but if I weren’t so shy, I’d tell you who.
I like fitness, you like fitness, why don't we build a relationship?
I must be in heaven because I’m looking at an angel!
Help, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off you.
I think you just stole something. [What?] My heart.
I want to be your tear drop: I was born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.
I want to tell you your fortune. [Take her hand and write your phone number on it.] Your future is clear.
I was wondering if you had an extra heart mine seems to have been stolen
I’ll cook you dinner if you cook me breakfast.
I’m not trying to impress you or anything, but… I’m Batman!
I’ve been wondering, do your lips taste as good as they look?
If a thousand painters worked for a thousand years, they could not create a work of art as beautiful as you.
If God made anything more beautiful than you, I’m sure he’d keep it for himself.
If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I'd have a galaxy in my hand.
If I had to choose between one night with you or winning the lottery...I would chose winning the lottery...but it would be close...real close...
If LOVE was written on every grain of sand in the Sahara Desert that still doesn’t equal my love for you.
Kissing is a language of love….so how about a conversation?
Lets play carpenter. First we get hammered, then I'll nail you!
On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9. I’m the 1 you need.
Our break-up is worse than traffic in NY. I cant move-on!
I bet I can kiss you on the lips without touching you. (kiss her) oh.. seems like I lost the bet.
There isn't a word in the dictionary to describe how beautiful you are.
Want to be different? Say yes.
What are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I want to spend it with you.
What do you and the weather have in common? You're both Hot!
What's that on your face? Oh, must just be beauty.
Why don't you surprise your roommate and not come home tonight?
Would you sleep with a stranger? [No] Then Hi, my name is...
Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?
You are so beautiful that I would marry your brother just to get into your family.
You know the more I drink, the prettier you get!
You look beautiful today, just like every other day.
See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m cute.
You're single. I'm single. Coincidence? I think not.
You're so hot you must've started global warming.
You’re so beautiful; your birthday should be a national holiday.
Do you eat lots of Lucky Charms? Because you look magically delicious.
If Looks Could Kill, You'd Be a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
I like how your hair shimmers in the light.
I am entranced by that perfume you are wearing.
Nobody makes me happier than you.
You know what? Your smile is the one reason I fell for you.
No matter how mad I am at you... I look into your eyes and find myself smiling again.
How do you always manage to look so beautiful?
That color looks perfect on you.
I love the way you carry yourself... so enigmatic, so confident.
You are so thoughtful in dealing with others.
I bet it was hard for God to make your eyes out of crystal clear ocean water.
(Say this one with a smile): You know at this angle as the lights hit your eyes, (as you start fixing your hair) I can see myself and I look great.
They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul. You must have one beautiful soul.
Hi, I’ve been undressing you with my eyes all night long, and think it’s time to see if I’m right.
I want to steal your heart.
Ever wonder why you have spaces between your fingers? So my fingers can fit there.
Do you have a Band-Aid? I looked at you and cupid shot me in the heart.
I have a great job, a beautiful home, and a secure retirement fund, but it all means nothing without someone like you to share it with.
This is the first time I’ve ever met someone as beautiful as you. It’s going to be the last.
God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her and foolish, that she might love him.
No man is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, he won't make you cry.
I think a woman (a man) improves with age – like fine wine.
There are two kinds of people in the world: my kind and millions of jerks.
Hey good looking, you wanna get lucky?
So, how many plastic surgeries have you had?
That’s a cute (or big, great) dog! What breed is he?
Can you show me how to pick a perfect ripe melon? (in the grocery store)
My dad always said I’d meet a great girl someday.
Would you want to take our dogs to the dog park Sunday?
Would you want to go jogging Saturday?
There’s a baseball (football, soccer, basketball, hockey) game on Saturday. Want to go?
Don’t you work at __________(name of company)________?
Don’t you go to __________(name of gym, high school or college)___________?
Aren’t you ___________(girl’s or guy’s name)__________ friend?
Have you ever seen the ___________________ Museum?
Have you read __________(name of book)___________ ? (in a bookstore)
Could I join you? This place is really busy! (in a crowded restaurant or coffee bar)
Have you tried the Mocha Caramel Frappuchino? (in a coffee bar)
(Note sent over with your name) Meet me here next Saturday night at 8. I’ll carry a red rose.
The only thing your eyes don’t say is your name.
I’m on a scavenger hunt and one of the things I need is a gorgeous woman.
You must be the reason I don’t have a date tonight.
I’ll bet getting a date with you is more difficult than a five-finger prostate exam.
I spent the whole day with you, and it's been just a few minutes that I've been away but I've already started missing you!
Your smile is so serene. Makes me forget my worries.
I have many friends. But you know what sets you apart? I really like you. Making you smile is my most favorite thing to do.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I was just thinking about you.
I hope your day is as radiant as your smile.
I hope your day has been as beautiful as you are.
How did I get so lucky!? (to have you in my life)
You drive me crazy! :)
As long as we are together, the destination does not matter.
You make me want to be a better man
There is no one like you and you're one of a kind
I love you the way you are. (Compliment something she is a little insecure about – her butt, breasts, eyes, warts.)
You have super natural, amazingly awesome talents!
Good job!
You are a brave heart. (for everyone who overcomes the pain of the past, hesitant friend who finally gets the nerve to travel to europe alone)
Smart people are great to be around. And so are patient people. But you manage to be smart and patient at the same time, which is such an amazing, rare combination.
You deserves all the praise for your strength, determination, stamina and guts.
When I grow up, I want to be you.
You always make me smile.
I love how you make laugh.
You are so much fun to be with.
I think I could have fun in HELL with you.
I want my daughter to turn out like you.
I love your body the way it is
Your strength of character impresses me. inner beauty is as important as outer beauty.
You're a better cook than my mom!
Whatever man is lucky enough to end up with you, I know one thing. He will never be bored.
With you, I can just be myself.
Marrying you was the smartest idea
You are perfect
You are irreplaceable
You have an awesome dressing sense
I like you as a friend.
Your body makes you sexy. Your smile makes you pretty. But your personality makes you beautiful.
They say 'A Picture' Is Worth A Thousand Words. But I think they're wrong. When I looked at yours, I was speechless...
Do You Know What I like Most About You? Your Intelligence!
I Wouldn’t Change a Single Thing About You. u r perfect for me.
You take so much care of yourself to look beautiful. That’s what I love about you.
With that smile of yours, you give me the confidence to make possible the seemingly impossible stuff.
That shirt looks damn pretty on you.
You look gorgeous today.
How do you be at your best every day?
You spoke smartly thorough the debate.
I can hardly take my eyes off you, believe me you have beautiful eyes.
That was so nice of you to help him.
I know it might have been so difficult for you, but I’m impressed with the way you handled it.
Keep up the good work.
Hey, you are the girl with the cute smile!
That color looks perfect on you.
I am so lucky to have you beside me.
Each time I’m with you, you make me feel so special.
You look beautiful, as always.
I love your fragrance.
Thank you for being there for me.
You will be an amazing mother.
Everyday, I am more and more impressed with your spirit
Cuteness at its peak
Cuteness overloaded
You’re the nicest person I know.
You look really good today.
I love how you make me feel.
Cute girl like you on bike, looks double cute.
Admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing...and last i'm totally speechless...
Amazing you are, that's why you are my Angel.
I wrote your name in the sand, but the water washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay.
You always know the right thing to say to make me smile.
My life is so much richer because I have you in it.
When I see someone else admiring you, it makes my heart swell with pride to know that you’re mine.
I love going out with you. It gives me a chance to show you off.
I can’t stop gazing into your captivating eyes.
You make every day feel like Valentine’s Day.
Nobody else can make me laugh the way you do.
You're incredibly creative. I love the way you used the green in that painting; it really stood out beautifully.
Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?
I love the way you're so amazing at holding those high notes.
I really like the way your green sweater brings out the green in your eyes.
 why are you so lovely? tell me?
Those earrings look really good on you. You have great taste.
You look just like your mom.
It's amazing how much you do for other people. Just make sure to take some time to care for yourself!
Your smile is mesmerizing, so genuine!
Damn, that confidence looks sexy on you.
I love the way you brighten up any party and manage to make everything more fun just by being there.
I've found "I love seeing your smile, it brightens my day every time.
I wish I could make you laugh like that more often. You're beautiful all the time, but when you smile like that, I swear my world stops.
Your hair is so free, never change it. Your hair just adds to your gorgeousness
You are absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous
Don’t leave yet! We haven’t had a chance to talk!
Would you go to church with me on Sunday?
I don’t run around, get drunk, or use drugs. Also, I have a good job and a nice home. People say I’m boring; maybe that’s why I’m alone.
What do you think the apostle Paul meant when he said, 'Greet everyone with a holy kiss'?
You have the body of Amy Grant and the soul of Mother Teresa.
Before tonight, I never believed in predestination.
Do you need help carrying your Bible? It looks heavy.
My friend told me to come and meet you; he said that you are a really nice person. I think you know him. Jesus, yeah, that's his name.
Don’t you attend ____________(name of church)______________?
Do you want to share my umbrella?
I’m a good cook, I like to clean the house, and I can’t tand the thought of spending a Sunday in front of the TV, watching sports. If you would like to come over some weekend, I’d love to cook for you. (Man to woman)
God must have been in a great mood the day he made you!
I don’t have a pick-up line; I’m just me. I don’t come here all the time, but I thought you looked like a decent, pretty woman who might want to meet someone nice.
To a person carrying a camera: “That’s a big lens!” or “That’s a fantastic camera!”
Aren’t you one of those Desperate Housewives?
(If you know the guy or gal has kids): I’m taking my kids to the beach on Saturday. Want to come with yours? (or the zoo, park, circus, movies)
I’m looking for a long term relationship.
Would you watch my coat for a minute? (Go to the restroom and return. Then, thank the other person and introduce yourself.
I’m going to commit suicide on Saturday. What are you doing Friday?
The area around this place isn’t too safe. Would you like to go on a drive by?
I believe in reincarnation; where have you been all my past lives
Make Me Hot!Tomorrow, I’ll have enough money to buy you anything you want and take you wherever you want to go.
Have you ever considered having an interracial relationship? I may be white from the waist up, but I’m black from the waist down.
I quit my job today. I was a Beverly Hills gigolo. With all the demanding clients, overtime, and hazard pay, I figured that twenty years and a few million dollars is enough!
Did I tell you I’m filthy rich and my mother’s dead?
Is your name Summer? It has to be, because you’re hot!
I hope I haven’t given you the wrong impression. I’m actually taller and richer than I look.
Once you make love to a man like me, you never go back.
Didn’t I see you in Girls Gone Wild?
Where does this bus go anyway?
Do you want to go for a ride on my bike? and I can pedal it really fast!
I heard that if you earnestly wish for something, then the Universe conspires to make the wish come true.
What are you doing this evening?" (Girl - nothing) "Let's do nothing together then!
Don’t let me be the one that got away!
So, did you here the one about the guy and the girl who had the most sexual relationship? [No]. Well then, let’s go to my place and I’ll tell you all about it.

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